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With CBD’s recent surge in popularity, skin care enthusiasts have been treated to a number of powerful new tools. CBD is becoming an increasingly common component of classic skin care products, and manufacturers are incorporating it into their lines nearly every day. CBD balms, lotions, bath bombs, and soaps have been around for some time, but an increasing number of products aimed specifically for facial care, such as face masks, primers, and powders are beginning to appear as well.

The possibilities are endless and growing. And as the market grows, so does CBD Choice’s hand-selected inventory of CBD skin care products.


As you know, CBD works by targeting receptors found all throughout the body. In particular, it affects cannabinoid receptors, which have been linked to a variety of benefits – most notably pain and inflammation.

By applying a CBD topical (like one of these skin care products), users can target the cannabinoid receptors found in the specific area that needs it most. A primary purpose of cannabinoid receptors is to signal to the brain that areas need extra relief and healing. By applying a CBD skin care product, you instruct your brain to assist that specific area, providing pain relief, moisture, anti-inflammation, and a host of other important benefits that contribute to your overall glow.


When it comes to your beauty and skin care regimen, it’s important that you be fully informed and know that the products you use will help your specific needs.

We’ve collected some of our user’s most frequently asked questions here for you to review. If there’s anything else on your mind, please do let us know. We’re more than happy to help as you learn what CBD can do for your daily beauty routine!

One of CBD’s most praised potential benefits is it’s anti-inflammatory effects. Because temporary inflammation and puffiness can have such a powerful negative effect on your appearance, CBD’s potential to combat these effects can be an incredibly useful tool for keeping you looking your best. Some research has also found that CBD stops the overproduction of keratinocytes, which can be a major contributor to unsightly skin conditions like eczema and psoriasis. While research into the full range of CBD’s effects in a skin care or beauty regimen is ongoing, more and more users everyday are incorporating it into their daily routine and swear by the noticeable difference it can have.
As awareness of CBD’s potential for health and wellness benefits grows, and as more research into its positive effect on skin is completed, a huge variety of new CBD skin care products is emerging. CBD lotions, balms, and other topicals have been around for a while, but we’re now seeing CBD-infused skin care products like face masks and facial serums emerge as well. As more and more users become aware of the powerful benefits that CBD can offer, we’re sure to see this wealth of products continue to increase. It’s an exciting time for skin care enthusiasts and CBD users, and our options are ever-expanding!
Although CBD will not replace all of your other preferred skin care products, user reports and early research have found that it can have a powerful positive effect for reducing inflammation, preventing unsightly conditions like eczema and psoriasis, and can help moisture to reach deeply into your skin. Everyone’s needs are different, and only experience can tell you for sure how CBD skin care products will help you. But users everywhere are raving about how CBD is becoming an increasingly important part of their skin care and beauty routines.
As with most topical products, the amount of CBD roll-on required to address your symptoms will vary from user to user. When starting a new product, always be sure to carefully review and follow the manufacturer’s recommended treatment instructions. Once you have a better idea of how the individual product affects your symptoms, feel free to alter your dosage from there. However, roll-on topicals typically make treatment quite easy, and measuring your dosage a breeze. A few quick swipes of the roll-on applicator over the target area should be sufficient for most common needs.
Quite the opposite: existing research shows that CBD can actually improve the effectiveness of traditional skin care products. This is because of CBD’s potential to reduce inflammation, to help regulate healthy production of new skin cells, and to help moisture reach even the deepest layers of the skin. All of these are incredibly important for maintaining healthy, young-looking skin; and because the face is constantly exposed to the elements, it may just be the part of our bodies that requires the most care.
The amount of CBD in each product will vary wildly by brand, use, and area of the body. Because of this, it is very difficult to generalize — more so even than for other products such as edibles, where CBD content regularly falls into a specific range. Be sure to check each individual product’s package and labeling. All products are different, and it’s important that you be informed about how your products contribute to your self-care.