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These CBD suppositories deliver CBD treatment directly into the digestive tract, where they are rapidly absorbed into the body’s bloodstream. This method offers incredibly efficient absorption and allow the CBD treatment to take effect more quickly than with traditional pills or capsules.

Importantly, they are also designed for comfort and ease of use. Although design and use methods will vary from product to product, CBD Choice is careful to select and offer only the highest-quality suppository products, designed to help users enjoy their CBD treatment with minimal discomfort.


A number of common medical conditions may make it difficult or impossible for users to take traditional pill capsules. Vomiting and nausea, chemical imbalances, digestive blockages, difficulty swallowing, and more can all make traditional pills an unattractive option for some users. In cases such as these, CBD suppositories may be your best option for delivering CBD treatment.

In fact, suppositories do offer certain advantages over traditional pill capsules. For example, they offer an incredibly high rate of absorption, allowing your body to effectively utilize virtually all of the CBD dosage that they contain. Additionally, they allow the CBD’s effects to take hold more rapidly than traditional pills, as they are exposed directly and immediately to the digestive tract.


If you have used traditional suppository products in the past, then you have a strong idea of what to expect from CBD suppositories. However, it is always important to be fully informed about your health, and we want to help ensure you’re making the best decision for your individual needs.

We’ve put together some of the questions we hear most frequently from our customers. If you don’t see your particular concern addressed here, we ask that you please let us know. We’re always happy to help our customers become more knowledgeable about how CBD can benefit their lives!

Suppositories are small, rounded or ovular objects that, much like pills, release a concentrated dosage of CBD into the body. Unlike pills, CBD suppositories are meant for rectal use, and are typically designed for users with a variety of ailments that make traditional pill use unpleasant or impossible. Such ailments may include seizures, digestive blockages, imbalance in stomach contents, vomiting or an inability to keep pills down. Other users simply dislike the experience of taking pills, and prefer the suppository experience. They are typically coated with a lubricating substance, designed to make it easier to insert into the body. After insertion, the suppository breaks down in the same way as traditional pills, releasing the CBD for efficient absorption into the body.
Like all CBD products, CBD suppositories are believed to have a wide range of benefits that affect a number of the body’s most important functions. According to user reports and early study results, CBD can have pronounced benefits for problems such as: Pain, including chronic pain, inflammation, and soreness Arthritis Epilepsy and other seizure disorders Depression, anxiety, insomnia, and other neurological disorders Multiple sclerosis Migraines Nausea CBD suppositories offer extremely efficient absorption, and are an ideal treatment method for patients with a number of specific ailments. Though many may prefer traditional pill capsules, the absorptive benefits of CBD suppositories are significant.
In general, no, CBD suppositories function identically to other traditional suppositories. Usage, size, and, effective rate of absorption are all very similar as compared to traditional suppository products. There is no need to alter your intake method or technique; what has worked for you in the past will be safe and effective here as well.
Because CBD suppositories are used rectally, they offer incredibly efficient absorption that very few other products can offer. Your digestive tract is incredibly effective at rapidly absorbing nutrition, and CBD suppositories offer the highest rates of absorption — and one of the fastest onset times — of any CBD product currently available.