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CBD roll-ons provide some of the most convenient treatment options available anywhere. These roll-ons come in convenient, travel-friendly sizes that make them ideal for use on the go. Whether for helping your inflammation and muscles during a strenuous gym workout, helping with back and joint pain at work, or just relaxing at the end of a long day, these are a powerfully effective wellness tool.

With their sheer ease of use, these products are quickly becoming a favorite of CBD users on the go. Wherever and whenever the need hits you, reach for a fast-acting CBD roll-on topical — and sweet relief is only a few moments away.


When you’re out and about, you don’t always have time to measure out a CBD tincture, the tools to enjoy a CBD vape, or the opportunity to take a CBD edible or capsule.For those moments, CBD roll-ons have you covered — literally and figuratively.

These topical roll-ons come with easy-to-use, roll-on applicators that are designed to dispense an even, consistent coat of CBD topical directly to the areas that need it most. They absorb quickly and efficiently, and concentrate your CBD treatment precisely in the area you choose. For sheer convenience on the go, it’s hard to beat a CBD roll-on.


Even though CBD Roll-Ons are some of the most straightforward CBD products available, we want to make sure you feel fully informed about how they can benefit your needs.

That’s why we’ve thrown together this list of the most frequently asked questions we hear about our roll-on products. As always, we hope you’ll let us know if you don’t see your question addressed here. We’re always thrilled to help our customers become more conscious and knowledgeable about their CBD use!

Many of the CBD roll-ons you’ll find here are chemically identical to the traditional CBD topicals made by the same manufacturer. In those cases, you’ll get precisely the same quality treatment as with the traditional option — but with increased portability and ease of application, and with more evenly-distributed coating. Some other CBD roll-ons are more narrowly designed, delivering benefits that are distinct from those of other topical products on the market. As always, it comes down to the individual product you elect to try, so be sure to carefully read the product descriptions — and reach out and let us know if you have any questions.
As with any CBD product, the precise make-up and ingredients of a CBD roll-on topical will vary wildly based on the manufacturer, the product’s intended purpose, and a variety of other factors. In general, however, these tend to have a potent dose of CBD extract, a water or oil base, and a host of soothing ingredients that are aimed at promoting skin health, fighting inflammation, or taking the edge off of joint and muscle pain in the application area. Many roll-on topicals are also based around a cooling agent such as menthol. Such ingredients are typically included to provide immediate, noticeable cooling relief. This effect typically goes to work much faster than the CBD treatment, which takes time to build up before users will experience its full therapeutic effects.
Although the CBD in these roll-on topicals is identical to that used in other CBD products, it is unlikely that CBD roll-ons will have a significant impact on stress and anxiety. While most CBD products (such as oils, vapes, and capsules) interact with cannabinoid receptors found throughout the body, CBD roll-ons and other topicals do not. Rather, topicals are only absorbed into the skin, and generally do not enter the blood stream. As a result, these products are best used for addressing locally-targeted inflammation, pain, and other such symptoms. If you’re looking to address anxiety or other non-targeted symptoms, then you may be better suited with another type of CBD product.
As with most topical products, the amount of CBD roll-on required to address your symptoms will vary from user to user. When starting a new product, always be sure to carefully review and follow the manufacturer’s recommended treatment instructions. Once you have a better idea of how the individual product affects your symptoms, feel free to alter your dosage from there. However, roll-on topicals typically make treatment quite easy, and measuring your dosage a breeze. A few quick swipes of the roll-on applicator over the target area should be sufficient for most common needs.
No, CBD Patches and other products have no direct effect on weight gain or weight loss. Formal research into CBD’s full range of effects is ongoing, but some early research and user reports indicate that CBD may affect users’ appetites. However, the research on this particular issue is conflicting; while some reports claim that CBD increased users’ appetites, other reports claim that it reduced appetite. CBD can affect everyone in slightly different ways, and only experience will tell you precisely what effect CBD products will have on your appetite