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CBD Pain Patches, like most CBD topicals, deliver a concentrated dose of CBD that interacts only with the area to which they are applied. Unlike oil tinctures, vaporizers, and and edibles (which diffuse their effects throughout the body), these topicals activate the cannabinoid receptors closest to the application site, ensuring that the full-range of CBD treatment benefits the area that needs it most.

These pain patches are designed to deliver lasting relief, with a time-release reservoir that administers a carefully-measured dose of CBD for hours or even days. For those suffering from acute or chronic pain, these are a powerful tool for helping you reclaim your day.


Both pain patches and other CBD topicals interact with your body’s endocannabinoid system in similar ways, delivering targeted and concentrated relief to the areas that most need it. But there are some differences to keep in mind.

One of the most significant benefits is that pain patches are the gift that keep on giving. They are designed for long-lasting, time-released delivery, and a single patch can deliver targeted relief for hours or even days. They are slim and extremely portable, require zero prep-work or cleanup, and do not leave a sticky or oily residue. Finally, some users are attracted to patches because they are so discreet. After application they can be covered up by your normal clothing and will continue delivering relief throughout the day with no need for reapplication.


CBD Patches are about as simple as simple as you can imagine, but we believe it’s important to always be fully informed. We’ve put together a list of our customers’ most common questions and concerns, and we hope that you’ll find what you need to know here in this section.

If there’s anything else on your mind, please reach out and let us know. We’re dedicated to providing you with everything you need to know to address your needs, and we will be more than happy to help.

A CBD Pain Patch (or “transdermal patch”) is an easy-to-use topical product that sticks to your skin and delivers targeted relief to exactly the area that needs it most. They are physically similar to adhesive bandages, and are virtually effortless to use. Simply apply the patch and enjoy as CBD relief is delivered almost immediately!
CBD Patches are transdermal patches, meaning that they are adhesive patches (like band-aid bandages) that you apply directly to the skin over the area where you are feeling discomfort. These patches are designed to house a reservoir of potent CBD and other pain-fighting compounds; when in use, the patch infuses the CBD into your skin, directly targeting the area that is suffering most. CBD Patches are more effective when applied to areas like the knee, shoulder joint, or areas with lean muscle. They are somewhat less effective when applied to areas with fatty tissues or dense skin, as these can delay the body’s absorption of CBD, or can even block some portion of the compound from reaching the targeted area.
The exact duration of a CBD Pain Patch will vary based on the specific product that you use. However, these products are typically designed to house a reservoir of CBD treatment that allows for gradual absorption over time. Because of this innovative feature, a single CBD patch can last for up to 96 hours, though individual results will vary based on brand used, individual biochemistry, and intensity of pain.
No, CBD patches will not get you high. Although CBD comes from cannabis plants, it is not responsible for the psychoactive effect that is commonly referred to as the “weed high”. The head-fogging high effect is the result of a different compound, known as THC, which is not present in these patches. Regardless of what product you’re shopping for, know that none of the products available on CBD Choice will get you high or cause you to fail a drug test. We carefully select and test each and every one of our offerings to ensure that they contain at most tiny trace amounts of CBD (less than 0.3%), which is far too little to have a psychoactive effect.
No, CBD Patches and other products have no direct effect on weight gain or weight loss. Formal research into CBD’s full range of effects is ongoing, but some early research and user reports indicate that CBD may affect users’ appetites. However, the research on this particular issue is conflicting; while some reports claim that CBD increased users’ appetites, other reports claim that it reduced appetite. CBD can affect everyone in slightly different ways, and only experience will tell you precisely what effect CBD products will have on your appetite.