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With massage, the goal is often to work out a knot, kink, or other localized and specific ailment in the muscle. The infusion of topical CBD oil is a perfect tool in the masseuse’s arsenal because topical CBD targets those cannabinoid receptors closest to the application site, delivering targeted relief where it is needed most.

Both massage and CBD can have a powerful and lasting benefit to both body and mind, and the combination of the two creates a rare and powerful synergy. When you’ve experienced these CBD massage oils for yourself, you’ll find yourself in a whole new world of relief and relaxation.


These oils are carefully designed and hand-selected to deliver a thoroughly pleasurable treatment experience. In addition to delivering targeted CBD relief to your body’s most aggrieved areas, each of these oils is fragrant, luxurious, and will help create an atmosphere of peace and relaxation.

Turn your massage into a vacation, breathe deep, and enjoy the sensuous delights of these CBD massage oils. With lasting relaxation and targeted CBD relief, your body and mind will thank you.


Whether you are a professional masseuse or a hobbyist looking to spice up your night, these CBD massage oils are sure to delight. As always, though, it’s important to us that you have everything you need to make a fully-informed decision about your wellness needs.

Take a look at these questions we’ve received from our customers, and please let us know if there’s something else on your mind. We’re always thrilled to help fill in the blanks!

Because of the variety of CBD massage oils available from different brands and manufacturers, it’s impossible to give a 100% accurate generalization. Still, we’re happy to walk you through the basics! Of course, one of the active ingredients in all of these massage oils is CBD, the cannabis extract widely touted for its ability to help manage pain, reduce stress, and contribute to an overall improved sense of physical and mental wellness. This is the vital difference of between traditional massage oils and the products you’ll find here: CBD massage oils allow CBD’s host of wellness benefits to target those areas that most need relief, adding a potent tool for what is already massage’s major goal. Like traditional massage oils, these oils will also include a mix of essential oils, natural aromatic agents such as terpenes and citrus or pine extracts, and proprietary blends of coconut oil and other lubricating agents designed to keep the body lubricated throughout the massage.
Like all massage oils, these are designed to keep the body lubricated and workable during a massage, and to stimulate the body and mind with a delightful sensory experience. In addition to these traditional benefits, CBD-infused massage oils bring a potent boost of targeted relief. CBD is widely praised for its reported pain-relief and mood-enhancing benefits. When applied topically (like with a massage oil), CBD focuses and targets its effects on the applied area, which is a perfect aid to massage’s goal of working-out the kinks in specific aggrieved areas of the body.
Absolutely, yes. CBD massage oils are specifically designed for topical use, and in fact contain many ingredients, including CBD, that have been shown to have both long- and short-term benefits for the skin. This topical use also allows you to focus your CBD treatment on those areas of the body that are most in need of targeted relief, such as aching joints and sore or bruised muscles. One benefit of CBD massage oils and other CBD topicals is that they focus the CBD treatment into the localized area; this is unlike oil tinctures, edibles, and vapor products, which tend to spread their effects throughout the body.
This very much depends on where you are, but an ever-increasing number of professional massage parlours do, in fact, offer CBD massage oils. Oftentimes these parlours will have CBD oils as one of several different products that they offer, as clients have varying preferences on the types of products used on their bodies. The next time you visit your local parlour, be sure to ask about the types of oils that they use. If they do have CBD massage oils to offer, opt-in for an utterly relaxing, soothing experience that no other oils can provide. And if not, perhaps you can enlighten them on the myriad benefits that CBD-based massage oils offer!
Traditional CBD oils and tinctures are 100% safe for topical use, so you shouldn’t worry about getting them on you. And if you want to use them as a massage oil — well, you’re welcome to try! However, we don’t recommend it. Although both types of oil will have several key ingredients in common, there are substantial differences that affect the absorption rate, the lubrication, the scent and sensory experience, and many other features that are key to a good massage. Traditional oil tinctures may also leave a slight residue that is less pleasant than massage oils designed specifically for this purpose. While we’re on this topic, we had might as well address its inversion: DO NOT take massage oils orally in the way that you would use CBD tinctures. Although some massage oil products may be fine, these in general are not designed to be ingested; if for whatever reason this idea appeals to you, be sure to consult individual product descriptions, packaging, and ingredient lists to ensure that the massage oil is non-toxic.