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Gentle enough for everyday use but powerful enough to deliver lasting moisture, these CBD lotions are carefully tailored to ease and address the most common of mild skin discomforts. Moisturizing and caring for your skin are two of the most important ways that you can contribute to your long-term beauty care and health, and CBD’s potential as an anti-inflammatory is a powerful complement to a traditional skincare routine.

Hemp-based lotions have been a favorite of beauty and skincare experts for years, and developments in CBD research have only pushed these benefits further in recent years. It’s an excellent time for the skincare industry, and the perfect opportunity to see what CBD can do for you.


Odds are that you’re experienced with using traditional moisturizing lotions, and the same key principles hold true with these CBD-infused products. Although CBD’s anti-inflammatory and pain management benefits add new applications to these moisturizers, there is no need to treat them differently than you would any other lotion you’ve used before.

Be sure to apply to use them after cleaning the application area, both ensuring that you’re keeping your skin fresh and allowing the CBD extract an easy way to be absorbed into your body. If you find that a single application doesn’t give the full desired effects after a moderate period, feel free to apply a second application; just as with traditional lotions and creams, everyone’s skincare needs are different!


Whether you’re a skincare expert or novice, you likely have some questions about how CBD-infused lotions can benefit your skin type and fit into your self-care routine.

Take a look at these common questions our customers have been asking, and be sure to let us know what else you’re wondering about. We love hearing from our inquiring customers, and we’d love to help you put your questions to rest.

In addition to high-quality CBD, all of these lotions will have a blend of water, a blend of soothing and fragrant oils, and a number of other skin-friendly substances. With so many different skincare products available, however, it is impossible to generalize with any real specificity. CBD Choice is absolutely dedicated to providing thorough and comprehensive information on each and every one of the products that we have on offer. Please be sure to read over the product descriptions for each item you’re interested in. If you still have any questions about a product’s ingredients, effectiveness, or anything else, please reach out and let us know!
Like any product with CBD, these CBD lotions do have the potential to help reduce stress and anxiety and to generally improve mental wellbeing. However, CBD lotions and other beauty products are not principally intended for reducing anxiety. These products contain a number of other active ingredients that are designed to benefit the health of your skin and deliver moisture to cracked and damaged areas. If you are interested in CBD to help manage your anxiety or stress, we encourage you to consider other products, such as oil tinctures, CBD capsules, or vaporizer E-liquids, which deliver more concentrated doses of CBD and can be absorbed more rapidly to deal with acute or chronic anxiety.
Yes, CBD is readily absorbed through the skin. While our skin blocks most things from entering or leaving our bodies, it is semi-permeable, and allows certain substances to pass through with lasting exposure. CBD lotions and other topicals exploit this semi-permeability, entering the body and bloodstream through the pores in your skin. Unlike with edible or inhalable CBD products, topicals do not typically have noticeable effects throughout the body. Instead, topicals produce a localized effect, interacting only with the cannabinoid receptors located closest to the site of application. That is why topicals are often ideal for addressing localized muscle pain and other such common issues.
CBD, including topical CBD products such as lotions, have not been shown to have any significant negative side-effects, so you generally should not worry about over-use of CBD lotions. As with any lotion, however, repeated use will have diminishing returns, and we typically recommend limiting your use to one or two applications daily, usually in the morning and at night. As always, be sure to check the individual product descriptions and packaging to verify the intended use. Moreover, your own skincare needs are unique, so more or less frequent use may be appropriate. When in doubt we encourage you to consult a dermatologist about the health and condition of your skin, and to determine how best a CBD product can benefit your health.