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As you know, CBD works by targeting receptors found all throughout the body. In particular, it affects cannabinoid receptors, which have been linked to a variety of benefits – most notably pain and inflammation, when considering CBD topicals. Interestingly enough, researchers discovered these cannabinoid receptors in our skin all the way back in 2005.

By applying a CBD Topical to the skin, you are able to target these cannabinoid receptors found in the skin. A primary purpose of cannabinoid receptors is to signal to the brain that areas of the body need relief. By applying a CBD Topical to a place on the body, you’re able to tell your brain to relieve that specific area, whether it be from pain, inflammation, tension, or another external condition.


As CBD grows in popularity, so do the number of CBD infused-topical products. CBD lotion is increasingly common, especially because many users report that daily applications are easy and effective. But there’s an entire arsenal of products for those looking to get more creative with their CBD applications:

  •     CBD Balms
  •     CBD Topical Cream
  •     CBD Soaps
  •     CBD Bath Bombs
  •     CBD Beauty Products
  •     CBD Massage Oil
  •     CBD Pain Patches

The possibilities are endless and growing. And as the market grows, so does CBD Choice’s hand-selected inventory of CBD Topical options.


A CBD Topical is possibly the most worry-free products out there. Why? Because new users can experience the nutritional benefits of CBD without actually ingesting CBD into the bloodstream.

However, we understand that you may have questions about CBD Topicals, so we’ve taken to answer some of them here. Don’t worry if your question wasn’t answered – simply reach out to us and we’ll be happy to help!

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Topicals are used in various ways, depending on the specific product. Every topical we carry has clear, instructional labeling printed right on the package. Always follow package instructions to achieve the best success in your CBD treatment. In general, CBD Topicals are used through direct-skin application. For example, with a CBD lotion, you’ll want to target the area of the body that is experiencing pain, inflammation, soreness, or other pain-related symptoms. Apply the lotion directly to this location and gently rub into the skin.
No! CBD Topicals are diverse. And while CBD lotions are increasingly popular, there are a variety of CBD products out there for any kind of topical lover. Apart from lotions, CBD Choice carries CBD roll-on pain gel, CBD massage oil, CBD balms, CBD soaps, and even CBD beauty products. Each CBD Topical has a unique use and fits a unique preference. Lotions are recommended for those who want to apply an easy application to themselves, while massage oils are recommended for those who want someone else to do the work for them.
A CBD Balm is a CBD-infused ointment that carries a fragrance. A CBD Balm carries all the supplemental benefits of CBD with a unique aroma, similar to a strong-fragrance lotion. Balms are applied directly to the skin. When using a CBD Balm, it’s important to target areas of the body that are experiencing pain, soreness, inflammation, or arthritis symptoms in order to achieve the maximum effect.
Yes, CBD bath products are safe. Bath bombs, for example, allow you to absorb all the nutrients of CBD to areas all over the body. CBD shampoos and conditioners, on the other hand, allow you to target the skin atop the head, an area notoriously difficult to treat. CBD bath products work like all CBD Topicals. By targeting cannabinoid receptors found in the skin, CBD bath products allow you to experience the nutritional and pain-relieving benefits of CBD on specific areas of the body that need it most. Users also report that using CBD bath products allows for a calmer, more efficient clean!
CBD beauty products can have a wide range of benefits. As aforementioned, cannabinoid receptors are found throughout skin cells, even in the face. Beauty products target these receptors, leaving your face feeling smooth and nutritional. Additionally, CBD beauty products are made with the utmost care using natural and organic ingredients. Many CBD manufacturers – including all associated with CBD Choice – are committed to safe farming and manufacturing practices. Not only can CBD enhance your beauty routine, it will carry the benefits of all-natural beauty supplements!
Yes, CBD works even in topical form. CBD Topicals target cannabinoid receptors found in skin cells. This means that, instead of entering the bloodstream, CBD can reach specific areas on the body that may be experiencing pain, inflammation, or arthritis symptoms, and signal to the brain that those areas need attention and relief.
CBD Topicals affect the skin by targeting receptors found there. Like all topicals, these products lightly penetrate the top layer of skin to offer benefits, but do not penetrate deep enough to enter the bloodstream. CBD is known to have few – if any – side effects. But like all products, it’s important to know what else is in them before use. While it’s unlikely that CBD itself will cause irritation, you should always read ingredients labels and make sure you don’t already have a preexisting adversity to another ingredient found in your CBD Topical.
The amount of CBD Topical needed to soothe your pain symptoms depends on the level of pain and the product you are using. Always follow package instructions and understand what dose of CBD is present in your topical before applying. Assumedly, the greater your pain, the greater amount of CBD needed to soothe, however. Interestingly enough, a 2016 study tested the pain-relieving properties of CBD on rats in a controlled study group. Rats experiencing pain symptoms were administered CBD Topicals at different strengths. Those given the largest doses of CBD showed the greatest reduction in inflammation as well as the greatest reduction in observable pain. Rats and humans, while very different, both possess cannabinoid receptors in the skin and both possess an endocannabinoid system within the nervous system. More research is needed on the subject of CBD’s pain-relieving properties, but early results – as shown by this 2016 study – are promising!
CBD Topicals relieve the symptoms of arthritis by targeting specific areas of the body that are actively experiencing such symptoms. The common symptoms of arthritis include: Users suffering from arthritis have reported that CBD Topicals allow them to target areas of the body that are actively experiencing symptoms. The common symptoms of arthritis include:
  • Pain
  • Stiffness
  • Swelling
  • Redness
  • Decreased range of motion
Because CBD Topicals are able to target specific areas of the body actively experiencing these arthritis symptoms, they can be useful in offering benefits to those who need it most. Many everyday CBD users report that they started using CBD because of their arthritis, and that its effects on their conditions are immeasurable.
To date, the FDA has approved one active-ingredient CBD medication for prescription, Epidiolex. It can be prescribed to those suffering from two severe forms of seizure disorders: Lennox-Gastaut Syndrome and Dravet Syndrome. There is also what is known as the Charlotte’s Web story, where a little girl named Charlotte in Colorado suffered hundreds of seizures on a weekly basis. Her parents tried every medical approach they could find before turning to CBD, but they made it very clear that they were not thrilled about the idea of giving hemp to their little girl. However, Charlotte’s condition began to improve after being administered daily doses of hemp oil, high in CBD concentration and virtually removed of all THC. This story set years of scientific study in motion that led to the eventual FDA-approved Epidiolex for seizure disorders.
CBD Ointments are a type of CBD Topical. However, CBD Ointments differ from other CBD Topicals because they consist of a smooth, CBD-infused oil that is spread around the skin. CBD Ointments share all of the traditional properties with other CBD-infused products. Many CBD Topicals offer similar benefits and effects. For example, CBD balms, lotions, and ointments consist of the same general principles for application and use. However, these products offer different experiences for different user preferences. Some users prefer the thickness and fragrance of balms, while others prefer the oily smoothness of ointments.