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For many users of hemp and other cannabis products, the distinctive smell and flavor of the plant have become a delight. When switching to CBD oils, E-liquids concentrates, or other such refined products, the difference in flavor can be a surprising and, for some, disappointing surprise.

If you enjoy the unmistakable smell and flavor of your favorite plant strains, these terpene extracts are the ideal product to add a bit of heady sensory delight to your CBD treatment.


Some terpene products available here are infused with CBD, and those products will, of course, offer the health and wellness benefits that so many users report experiencing. However, other terpenes are meant to be used as additives for your favorite CBD products and contain no CBD on their own.

Ultimately, your own individual needs and use cases will determine which terpene products are right for you. Whether you’re looking for an all-in-one solution or are hoping to spice up your other CBD use, these terpenes are an excellent way of adding the authentic flavor that so many users adore.


Because terpene concentrates are a recent development in the cannabis world, even seasoned CBD consumers may find themselves with a few questions. As always, we are dedicated to providing our customers with everything they need to be fully informed and confident about which products are best for addressing their individual wellness needs.

If you’ve still got some questions after reading through this FAQ, please let us know; we love helping our curious customers to fill-in gaps in their knowledge and works towards true expertise!

Terpenes are highly aromatic compounds that occur naturally in hemp and many other plants. The distinct smell of hemp flower, the crisp scent of pine, and the zesty bite of lemon — all of these are created by terpenes! Of course, all of the terpene products on offer here are derived from pure hemp. Terpenes are also present in a number of other CBD products, including full-spectrum and broad-spectrum CBD oils. They are an important part of the “entourage effect”, a pleasant bodily experience resulting from a synergistic combination of effects from the various components of the hemp plant. Although use of terpene concentrates is even newer than that of CBD, many users claim that they experience similar calming effects from the two compounds. Although reports of the varying effects do differ from strain to strain, more and more CBD lovers are turning to terpene concentrates as a supplement or alternative to their CBD wellness regimen.
Terpenes are a 100% natural extract from the hemp plant. Terpenes of various sorts occur naturally in virtually all plant life, and are responsible for the scent and flavor of flora’s most distinctive strains. The terpene products available at CBD Choice are all natural extracts from hemp. Terpenes from each strain of hemp will have noticeably different flavor and smell profiles, but generally offer a rich, heady, and aromatic experience that cannabis connoisseurs adore.
No, terpenes are not psychoactive. Although these hemp terpenes are extracted from cannabis plants, they are carefully monitored and tested so as to prevent the head-clouding high associated with traditional marijuana. This is because these products, like everything on CBD Choice, lack any significant amounts of the compound tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). THC, CBD, and many other compounds in cannabis are a family of chemicals known as cannabinoids. But THC is the only one that produces a high — and the resulting side effects like the infamous munchies! Terpene concentrates like those available here focus on delivering an extremely pure dose of the flavor- and scent-bearing portions of CBD plants but without the often-problematic THC high. So whether you’re looking for a terpene-only concentrate or a terpene + CBD hybrid, rest easy knowing that you can enjoy all the wellness benefits without risking distraction, fogginess, or an irresistible eating binge.
Our customers report using terpenes for a wide variety of reasons. Some use these concentrate extracts as a supplement to their other CBD and cannabis products, thereby allowing them to customize their consumption with the distinct flavor and smell of their favorite strains. Other users swear that terpenes, either alone or with other products, have a distinct set of wellness benefits akin to those offered of CBD. When combined with CBD isolate, terpenes can be a major contributor to the entourage effect — a pleasant and warm bodily sensation resulting from the synergy between compounds in the hemp plant. Only experience will help you determine how terpene extracts will best fit into your treatment regimen. But regardless of how you decide to use them, we’re sure you’ll find that they provide a rich and flavorful addition that makes you feel more in touch with yourself and with the natural goodness of CBD-rich hemp.
With the wealth of CBD, terpene, and other hemp-derived products now available, there’s really no right or wrong way to enjoy the host of wellness benefits available. It’s all a matter of personal preference, and only experience will let you know for sure what your palate and body prefer. If you’re looking to get educated on the myriad benefits and slew of product options out there, then there’s no better place to start than CBD Choice’s Learning Center. We’re always adding new content on topics like CBD product types, the potency of CBD, and various related benefits such as the famous entourage effect. If you have questions about CBD and other hemp products that aren’t covered here, please reach out and let us know! We are 100% dedicated to offering a one-stop shop for all of your learning needs, and are thrilled to hear from motivated users looking to know more about the wellness benefits that CBD, terpene, and other hemp-derived products offer.