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Though some pets may hate taking pills, swallowing flavorful oils, or having oils applied to their coats, virtually all animals love treats. Because of this, these delicious CBD-infused treats are the perfect way of introducing your animal companions to the host of wellness benefits that CBD can offer. With so many types and flavors of treats available, you’re sure to find something that your pet will love!


Because our pets can’t get enough of these CBD-infused treats, you’ll likely be tempted to let them have a handful. Well good news! For most of these products, each individual treat contains only a small-to-moderate dosage of CBD, meaning that you can let your pet chow-down on CBD cat treats or CBD dog treats without worrying about over-use.

Once you have a better understanding of how your pet reacts to CBD and of their individual dosage needs, this will also allow you to carefully customize their intake. This way, you can seize control of their health and wellness, all while making sure they enjoy the experience!


Because pet treats are so common and well-loved by pets everywhere, CBD pet treats are a great way to start your pet on a CBD regimen. It’s important, though, to make a confident and informed decision about how these products will benefit your pet.

We’ve put together a list of some of the most common issues that pet owners have, here for your perusal. We hope that your question is addressed here — but let us know if something else is on your mind! We’re always thrilled to hear from our customers and would love to help you get informed.

Simply put: because pets love them! These treats come in a wide variety of flavors and potencies that are designed specifically for your dogs, cats, and other pets. They deliver a carefully measured dose of CBD, tailor-fit to address the most common wellness needs of household pets, and make it easy to fit CBD into any animal’s diet. Just like any other pet treat, these are easy to use and require virtually no preparation or cleanup. If your pet loves traditional pet treats, then they’ll love these — and you’ll love the way that CBD helps your pet!
If you’re considering adding CBD to your pet’s daily routine, then odds are that you’ve tried CBD for yourself. If you have, then you can expect for your pet to enjoy the same range of benefits from CBD that you do, because CBD affects all mammals in virtually the same way. Formal research into CBD’s full range of effects is still ongoing, but both human and animal users report significant benefits to a wide variety of important functions. Because of how CBD interacts with the endocannabinoid system (ECS), it touches on many of the body’s most important processes, including sleep, anxiety and stress, perception of pain and inflammation, and immune system response. CBD is safe for pet use and can have these important benefits for animals of all ages, young and old. Of course, all pets and people will react a bit differently to CBD use, so it’s important to monitor your pets when first starting on a CBD regimen. Only experience will tell you for sure how your beloved animal benefits best!
As more and more pet owners become aware of how CBD can benefit their furry friends, a wealth of new treat products has appeared on the market. Whatever your animal’s flavor preferences, there is a CBD treat that will appeal to them. From fish to poultry to bacon to peanut butter, these tasty treats are sure to please even the pickiest of eaters — all while helping to improve their mood, manage their pain, and contribute to better overall health.
Boy, do they ever! Because these tasty snacks come in such a wide variety of tastes and textures, there’s something to appeal to every pet’s palate. Odds are that you already have some idea of what treats and tastes your pet likes best, and starting out with a familiar flavor is a great way to guarantee that your furry friend will take well to CBD treatment. All of the pet products on offer here at CBD Choice are hand-selected and pet approved, so shop confidently knowing that these treats are a delicious, effective, and enjoyable way of boosting your animal’s quality of life!
Yes, existing research indicates that CBD use is safe for pets of all ages. Animals’ endocannabinoid systems are fully functional from very early ages, so CBD use will affect most animals in identical ways. However, it is important to consider how your individual pet’s size, weight, and individual health needs will affect their CBD use. One of the most important considerations is your animal’s weight, which will determine the appropriate potency and frequency of dosage. Luckily, almost all pet products have usage guides for determining the appropriate treatment. Be sure to consult the product packaging before use, and to monitor your after administering CBD; that way you can be sure you are doing everything you can to ensure your pet is getting the most out of their CBD treatment.