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Like all lozenges, these CBD offerings are an important tool for helping soothe even the sorest of throats and the harshest of coughs. CBD might offer you a host of wellness benefits — but when you can’t stop coughing, it can make it hard to get through even the most basic parts of your day.

Combining the proven relief of traditional lozenges with the host of benefits that CBD users crave offers up the best of both worlds. Now it’s easier than ever to enjoy CBD and soothe your sore throat all at once.


These delicious and effective CBD lozenges will literally melt in your mouth. They’re a perfect way to enjoy CBD’s wellness benefits in a delicious, enjoyable, and savory form. And because the lozenges dissolve slowly in your mouth, they allow you to savor the process from beginning to end.


While lozenges are widely available and have a long history, both for treating a sore throat and for delighting the taste buds, we’re sure you’ve got a few questions on your mind. That’s what this section is all about!

We at CBD Choice want to make sure that you’ve got everything you need to make an informed and confident decision about how CBD can best fit into your lifestyle. That’s why we’ve put together this list of common questions — but if you can’t find your answers below, fear not! Just reach out and let us know, and we’ll be happy to help you fill in the blanks.

Throat lozenges (or just “lozenges” for short) are small, hard tablets that are meant to be dissolved in your mouth. Many lozenges are designed to have a pleasant flavor, so many people will use them just to enjoy the flavor, as you would with any other hard candy. However, the intended purpose of most lozenges is to help soothe an irritated throat and to temporarily stop coughing (which accounts for another common name, the “cough drop”). CBD lozenges follow this same definition and basic purpose. The only fundamental difference is that these are infused with a small dosage of CBD, which means that they combine the throat-coating and cough-suppressing features with all the wellness benefits of CBD. Many users find that CBD lozenges are an extremely pleasant and convenient way of taking their daily dose, and some prefer lozenges as their main way of taking CBD. Some others use them only on occasion, when throat irritation or a cough demands. Whatever the occasion, CBD lozenges offer a slew of useful benefits, a variety of tasty flavors, and extreme convenience for users on the go.
Like any lozenge, CBD lozenges are meant to be placed in the mouth and allowed to melt. As the lozenge dissolves, the liquid coats the throat and back of the mouth, providing both a pleasant flavor and temporary relief from sore throat or coughing. These are not pills to be swallowed whole — although swallowing them would still provide the same CBD benefits once they had been fully digested. Instead, you might think of these lozenges more as a hard candy that has the added benefit of soothing your throat.
Yes! Like with any other lozenge, one of the main benefits of these products is the way that they help to temporarily relieve throat irritation. In fact, many users state that CBD lozenges are more effective for these purposes. This may be because of CBD’s reported benefits for reducing inflammation and helping to manage pain symptoms. Applied to directly to the aggrieved area, these lozenges coat and soothe the inflamed throat, delivering relief quickly while also providing a pleasing taste.
The amount of CBD in each lozenge varies from brand to brand. Some products contain only a very small dosage, allowing users to carefully control their intake as they re-up throughout the day. Others contain a much more potent dosage, and are meant to provide long-lasting benefit throughout the day. In general, however, we see that these products range between 3mg to 25 mg of CBD per lozenge, though exceptions exist on both sides of the range!
CBD lozenges use a blend of high-quality hemp-derived CBD, natural terpenes, and other flavoring ingredients. Many lozenges also contain a proprietary blend of other ingredients, and many include mild medicinal ingredients intended to help relieve throat irritation. However, the exact ingredients will vary from brand to brand, with most manufacturers using their own proprietary recipes. As always, CBD Choice is dedicated to providing its customers with full and accurate information on each and every one of its products. All of our products are hand-picked and carefully vetted to ensure only the highest quality, potency, and reliability. But every body is different, and only you can be sure of what ingredients you’re looking for in a medicated lozenge. Be sure to inspect each offering individually so that you can make the best choice for your wellness needs.