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Who doesn’t love the taste and texture of a delicious gummy treat? Traditional gummies have been many people’s favorite way to indulge the taste buds for decades; and adding CBD into the mix only sweetens the pot!

Because each gummy treat contains a small-to-moderate, carefully measured dosage of CBD, know that these gummies aren’t just delicious, but good for you too. As always with treats, though, be careful not to overindulge! Too much of any good thing can lead to regret, and CBD treats are no exception.


One of our customers’ favorite things about CBD gummies is that they allow them to carefully control their CBD intake and enjoy the process. Because each individual gummy contains a small dosage of CBD, it is easy to make small adjustments to your treatment as-needed throughout the day. And because they taste great, it’s a quick and delightful way of making sure that your CBD routine is always something you’ll look forward to.


Odds are you already know whether you love gummy treats. And if you’re here, you probably already know that you want to make CBD a normal part of your daily routine. But are these two great things that go great together? For most users, the answer is an absolute yes.

Of course, we want you to be fully informed so that you can make a confident decision about how to treat your individual needs. Read on to find some of the most common questions we hear from our customers. If your query isn’t addressed here, just let us know, we’re more than happy to help with whatever might be on your mind!

Yep! No matter which state you reside in, all of the CBD gummies you see here are 100% legal to buy and use. That’s because of The 2018 Farm Bill, which allowed for the legal sale of industrial hemp-derived CBD products, both in retail and online. A few states (such as South Dakota) have implemented their own individual rules against selling CBD products, but those laws affect only brick-and-mortar purchases. Because of the Farm Bill’s broad allowances, it is 100% legal to purchase CBD products online and to use them, even in states with restrictions like South Dakota’s. So if you’re looking to enjoy all the wellness benefits of CBD — whether in gummy or other form — shop with confidence knowing that all CBD Choice products are completely compliant with Federal law.
Yes indeed! In fact, for some U.S. states, this may be the only option for buying CBD gummies and other products. As discussed in the “Are CBD Gummies Legal” question above, some states have put restrictions on the sale of CBD purchases in traditional storefronts. But because of the Federal government’s 2018 Farm Bill, residents of any and all U.S. states are permitted to buy CBD products online, ship them in-state, and use them at their leisure. No matter where in the States you are, then, rest easy knowing that these delightful delicacies are a 100% legal way to take control of your health and wellness needs.
Just like with traditional gummy treats, CBD gummies come in a wide variety of forms. Generally, these contain gelatin, sugar, flavoring agents, and a number of other ingredients — including, of course CBD. However, many of these brands offer gummy products that work for different dietary needs. There are sugar-free gummies, vegan gummies, gluten-free gummies, and many more. If you have dietary restrictions, we’re sure you’re already accustomed to doing a bit of research into the products you buy, and we hope you’ll use the same discretion when making CBD purchases. As always, CBD Choice is absolutely committed to providing thorough and comprehensive information on every one of the products we stock. If you have any questions or concerns, don’t hesitate to reach out and ask; we’d love to help!
If you’ve ever eaten too many traditional gummy snacks, you’re likely acutely aware that overconsumption can always make you feel a bit icky. The same is true for CBD gummies — too much of a good thing can definitely cause a bit of discomfort. Within moderation, though, these gummies should not cause any stomach aches or other discomfort. As with all edible products, it is important to be aware of your own dietary needs. Those with food allergies or intolerances are accustomed to carefully examining ingredient lists to look for their own personal no-nos; don’t let your enthusiasm for trying CBD distract you from this important practice. Also keep in mind your ideal dosage of CBD. Only experience can tell you which amounts of the compound work best for your needs, but starting out BIG is definitely NOT the way to go. As with all of our other CBD products, we encourage you to start out with a low dosag
For the same reasons that traditional gummy treats are so popular. For many users, their texture and flavor are almost irresistible. They come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes, and are easy to bring on-the-go. And because each tasty treat comes in such a small package, they are a favorite for many who want to indulge their sweet tooth without consuming a large amount of sugar, calories, or otherwise mess with their diet. Simply put, they’re delightful.