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CBD concentrates come in all sorts of shapes and sizes, and each lends itself to a different set of user needs. From creamy and pliable waxes, durable and smokey shatter, to delightfully sprinkle crumble, these concentrates are versatile and effective smokables that are sure to delight the most discerning of CBD users.


Although it is derived from and smoked like high-quality CBD hemp buds, CBD concentrate offers users a level of potency and purity that traditional flowers simply cannot. Developed and refined specifically to deliver a high potency burst of CBD while minimizing organic plant matter, these concentrates are easier on the lungs and offer a purer, faster-acting dosage of CBD wellness.

Although the process can seem a bit more daunting, users who try these CBD concentrates can immediately tell the difference, and often swear by CBD concentrates as a potent and delightful alternative to CBD flower.


Although they may seem intimidating at first, CBD concentrates are an easy and attractive option for many users. To sort through the smoke, we’ve assembled some of our users’ most frequently asked questions here for your reading enjoyment.

If you’ve got something else on your mind, please let us know! We’re always thrilled to help our customers work through their concerns.

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Accordion SaThere are a wide variety of options for consuming CBD concentrates, and users will all have different preferences. Some users enjoy using concentrate as a topper for their flower, placing a bit of wax or crumble on top of a bowl or even wrapping wax around a rolled “joint” (or hemp cigarette). This method does not require any specialized equipment, and is likely the most convenient and cost effective method for most users. For most who enjoy the use of CBD concentrates, however, the most popular method is known as “dabbing.” This method requires a few extra devices, which are collectively known as a “dabbing rig.” The rig generally includes a torch, a dabber and/or carb cap, a water pipe, and a specialized dabbing bowl piece. Because of dabbing’s rapid rise in popularity, all of this equipment is regularly available at head shops and other online storefronts.mple Description
CBD concentrates are absolutely non-toxic, and eating them will still allow you to feel their effects after digestion. While some users do enjoy using this method, it is not the most efficient or effective way to enjoy concentrates. For most, the appeal of concentrates is as a smokable or vapable form of CBD. When heated and inhaled, concentrates take effect far more quickly than when ingested. Most users report feeling the effects within 10 minutes of smoking concentrates; by contrast, eating it can delay the effects for up to an hour. Because of this rapid onset and because smoking concentrates is easier on the lungs than traditional flower, smoking is by far the most popular way of using CBD concentrates.
CBD concentrates are definitely some of the most potent CBD products available. In fact, some CBD concentrates are over 99% pure CBD! And because they take effect so quickly when smoked or vaped, many users swear by concentrates as the best way to receive potent, powerful relief right away. For users who prefer not to smoke or vape their CBD, however, there are other products available that offer similar levels of potency. Some CBD oils, especially CBD isolate, offer similar levels of purity and power; taken sublingually, these oils also take effect quite quickly — though not as quickly as a smoking concentrate. For users who want fast-acting, full-potency CBD relief, concentrates and isolates are likely your best bets.
Just as a square is a type of rectangle, CBD wax is one type of CBD concentrate. More specifically, CBD wax is a thick, viscous liquid concentrate, roughly the consistency of coconut oil. Many users prefer this type of concentrate because it is easy to measure out your intended dose — unlike CBD shatter which is a brittle, solid form of concentrate. Other common forms of CBD concentrate include crumble (or “budder”) and terpsolate. Regardless of which form of CBD concentrate you choose to use, you’ll be receiving a fast-acting, high-potency form of CBD relief that offers a full, heady, and flavorful experience.
Research into the full health effects of CBD use is still ongoing, but early research indicates that it can offer a wide host of significant benefits, including preventing the growth of cancer cells, maintaining brain cells and memory retention, and assisting in a variety of physical and neurological disorders. Of course, smoking and vaping may not be the best option for all users — especially those who have pre-existing respiratory conditions. Every body is different, and only you and your healthcare professional can best determine the way that you will react to any smokable or vapable product. Until the FDA finishes its research into CBD and declares it safe, medical professionals cannot prescribe CBD to their patients (except for treating epilepsy with Epidiolex, the first fully-approved CBD medication). Nonetheless, consulting with your doctor should always be an important part of determining how best to address your body’s unique biochemistry and individual needs.