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Unlike many other CBD products, these capsules take out the guesswork of determining and measuring-out proper dosage. Carefully and precisely prepared, each capsule delivers an exactingly measured dosage of CBD, so you can be confident that you are receiving consistent, regular treatment at every occasion.

And because there are no droppers, no oils, and no other spillables to worry about, it has never been quicker or easier to receive your CBD dosage. These soft gel caps are easy to swallow, easy to store, and easy to fit into your existing routine. And because of their appearance, they are unlikely to raise any eyebrows, even from the most conservative of crowds.


For many users, CBD capsules are the perfect way to fit CBD’s range of benefits into a busy lifestyle. Because they require no prep or cleanup, it is incredibly easy to swallow a capsule at any point throughout the day. Easy to pocket and transport, these bottles can be taken with you on the go, or can be added to your daily medication regimen with virtually no fuss. And because the rounded soft gel caps are easy to swallow, many users find that they do not even need water to take their dosage!

CBD capsules are an excellent option for users looking for CBD on the go, at home, or at the office. And like all of CBD Choice’s products, these capsules are carefully tested to contain only the highest-quality CBD and other ingredients, guaranteeing a consistent and relaxing experience with every dose.


For many users, ingesting CBD in a pill or capsule form may be the most convenient and comfortable option. With little to no taste, pre-measured doses, and an inconspicuous profile, capsules may be the most preferable delivery method for many users. Especially for those already taking other pill-based medication, it’s incredibly easy to add a CBD capsule to your usual routine.

As always, though, we’re sure you have a few questions on your mind. That’s why we’ve put together this list of some of the questions our customers most frequently have about CBD capsules. But if you don’t see your question addressed here, then fear not! We’re always more than happy to answer whatever’s on your mind, so feel free to reach out.

There are many reasons that drive users to try treating themselves with CBD and CBD capsules. Formal research into the health and wellness benefits of CBD usage is ongoing, but early findings have shown great promise for the clinical benefits of this natural compound. CBD interacts with the body’s endocannabinoid system (or ECS), a part of the human nervous system that is linked to a wide variety of biological processes; these include learning and memory retention, emotional wellbeing, pain perception, sleep regulation, and a variety of other vital functions. Regular users of CBD capsules and other products report that the use of CBD has had positive effects on a wide variety of these bodily processes. As greater awareness of CBD’s reported benefits spreads, more and more users are becoming convinced that CBD is the right way to manage their various wellness needs.
CBD capsules offer a number of benefits that might make capsules the best option for a number of users. Each individual capsule is carefully pre-measured, so you know precisely the dosage you will receive from each. There’s no chance of spillage or mess, unlike with oils. The capsules are flavorless or have a light, pleasant flavor, so users put off by the taste of oils or concentrate may enjoy them. And capsules are inconspicuous and easy to fit into a routine, especially for those users who already have a regimen of other medications that they take regularly. Ultimately, capsules are a great option that many users prefer. They deliver the same high-quality CBD treatment as all of our other products, but their ease of use, effortless dosing, and convenience set them apart as one of the best options available.
Ease of dosage is actually one of the main benefits of CBD capsules! Each capsule is carefully pre-measured to deliver a precise amount of CBD. Unlike with oils, edibles, and e-liquids (all of which require a bit of work to get the intended dose), users of CBD capsules can enjoy the convenience of a precise, even experience with virtually no effort. Moreover, CBD capsules are available in a variety of different dosages, and are available in isolate, full-spectrum, or broad-spectrum forms. Because of this, users of all kinds can find just the right capsule product to meet their needs and simplify their daily routine. No fuss, no mess, no work; just pure CBD goodness in an easy to swallow form!
Broadly speaking, yes. Like all pills, CBD capsules are small, rounded objects that you swallow in order to ingest the substance contained inside (here, of course, CBD). When referring to “pills”, though, many people picture the hard, condensed, and often foul-tasting type of pill that is actually called a “tablet”. Capsules are of a quite different kind. Capsules are a specific type of pill, different from tablets. They have a soft outer shell made out of dissolvable gelatin, which is most often flavorless or lightly flavored with a pleasant taste. Inside the shell of these capsules you can find a carefully pre-measured dosage of CBD. Once the capsule is swallowed, the outer shell quickly dissolves, releasing the CBD for efficient digestion. So yes, CBD capsules are just pills, but more pleasant ones than you might have imagined!
Like any chemical compound, CBD affects your body’s biochemistry. Because of this, it does have the potential to interact (either positively or negatively) with other medications. According to common user reports and medical opinions, one of the most significant such interactions is with blood thinners like Warfarin. Because widespread CBD use is a reasonably new phenomenon, many drug manufacturers have yet to advertise the specific interactions that their products have with CBD. However, a popular opinion is that CBD generally interacts with the same medications as another common culprit: grapefruit. If any medication that you are taking warns against use alongside grapefruit, then be sure to speak with your doctor about whether the medication is safe for use with CBD. Of course, the best option is to discuss your CBD use with your doctor openly. As with any chemical compound, CBD can change your biochemistry. Your doctor, once in-the-know, may want to monitor your bloodwork in order to best determine how CBD has affected your body; equipped with this important information, the two of you can be confident that you are making the absolute best decisions for your long term happiness, health, and general well-being.
With the variety of CBD capsule brands on the market, there are capsule options for every preference. Capsules are available in CBD isolate, full-spectrum, and broad-spectrum options, allowing users to enjoy either the pure wellness effects of CBD or the pleasant body sensation that comes with the “entourage effect”. But regardless of which variety of CBD is right for you, shop with confidence knowing that all products listed on CBD Choice contain less than 0.3% THC content, and are therefore legal for purchase and use in all 50 U.S. states. Whether you’re looking for full spectrum, broad spectrum, or even CBD isolate, we’re confident that you’ll find the perfect product to address your unique wellness needs.
Because of the way that CBD interacts with the body’s endocannabinoid system (or ECS), users report a wide range of positive treatment outcomes, including for stomach pain and other gastrointestinal issues. Because the ECS is a central component of the human nervous system, it has wide-ranging effects on a number of core processes in the body. This, it is believed, accounts for the positive effects that so many users report experiencing after CBD dosage. Although formal research is ongoing, early reports conform to these anecdotal accounts, and mounting evidence supports CBD use for purposes such as these. Moreover, because CBD capsules are easy to swallow and digest and have only minimal flavoring, they are incredibly easy on the digestive system. For those with sensitive stomachs or a sensitive palate for tastes, CBD capsules might just be the ideal way of experiencing CBD’s benefits to general wellness.