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Can CBD Make You More Creative?

Whether you’re trying to get past writer’s block or want to figure out how to get a raise from your boss, using CBD for creativity could be the right path towards success. Plenty of anecdotal evidence and some studies have indicated that a relationship exists between CBD oil and creativity. It all starts with the health and wellness benefits that help CBD promote better mental acuity.

What Is Creativity, Anyway?

The old adage of, “I know it when I see it,” holds true where creativity is concerned. What makes for “creativity” is highly subjective, and there’s very little empirical data on the issue. In general, creativity is viewed as the ability of an individual to make something new, innovative, or in a different manner than is customary or anticipated. When you use CBD for creativity, you’re fostering this ability in yourself.

Inspirational Hemp

Cannabidiol, or CBD, is one of over a hundred active compounds found in the cannabis plant. Unlike CBD’s psychoactive cousin, THC, CBD does not deliver a “high” that can get in the way of your creative flow. Using CBD for creativity eliminates the high and allows you to focus on making something new happen.

How CBD Oil And Creativity Are Linked

Studies show that, when you use CBD, the blood flow to the frontal lobe of your brain increases. This increased blood flow has also been noted in people who are considered highly creative compared to their peers. The frontal lobe of your brain is responsible for creativity, planning, and problem-solving, so activities that engage it the most are creative pursuits.

The brain communicates with itself through the use of chemical compounds, and those are primarily carried in your blood. CBD fosters creativity by supporting the endocannabinoid system, which helps regulate the signals your cells send one another.

When your brain is exhibiting this increased blood flow thanks to the use of CBD for creativity, it is operating more efficiently and with much more flexibility. This is the increase in creativity reported by so many cannabis users.

Creativity Alone Is Not Enough

Creativity is the raw power of making a new thing. But without guidance, even your best ideas will never leave your head. People who choose to boost creativity with CBD oil gain a host of benefits known as “the entourage effect”, which refers to the ancillary benefits of hemp treatment resulting form hemp’s many active compounds.

When you take CBD for creativity, you also gain improved focus to on the task at hand and a calming effect that helps you act more confidently. This results in a boost to your creative productivity that is greater than the sum of its parts.

Best CBD Products To Boost Creativity

While there are a lot of great products out there with CBD oil, and creativity can be readily boosted with most forms, there are still some products that provide distinct advantages over others.

  • CBD Oil Tincture – A tincture can be a great start to using CBD for creativity. Tinctures are relatively easy to use, the dose is infinitely adjustable, and it generally gives you a decent amount of CBD that is bioavailable quickly. This is a great way to get a boost at the start of your day, when the afternoon doldrums hit, or anytime you need to get your brain going fast.
  • CBD Vaping – Vaping CBD takes almost no prep, so it won’t break you out of your creative flow state. It’s also the fastest-acting way of taking CBD, allowing you to “top-off” your dose and keep the creativity-boosting effects of CBD going.
  • CBD Edibles and Beverages – The most delicious way to take CBD for creativity. With CBD edibles and beverages, your dose is time-released as the body digests. While edibles and drinks take longer before you’ll feel the effects, they promote CBD creativity for a longer period. There are even caffeinated CBD teas to help you keep your edge all throughout the creative process!

Quality CBD, Quality Creativity

For your best creative experience, choose a CBD product that uses CBD oil derived from industrial hemp. This ensures you’ll get an extremely low-to-no THC concentration in your product — which means all of CBD’s creative benefits with no energy-sapping high.

Whatever you choose as the right CBD dosing style for you, we’ll make sure you have access to the best CBD for creativity on the market. Order your CBD oil and let the creativity flow with CBD Choice today.

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