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What is CBD Water & What are the Benefits?

What is CBD Water & What are the Benefits?

You can find cannabidiol, also known as CBD, in just about anything. However, one product stands out for its simplicity, and there’s a lot more to know about this particular product before diving in. You guessed it– we’re talking about CBD water! But what is CBD water, and what are the potential benefits of CBD water?

You create CBD water by infusing the cannabidiol molecules into the water itself. Is it really as simple as it sounds? Not quite. CBD molecules are inherently insoluble in water, a form of hydrophobia if you will. This means that CBD cannot break down and fuse with the water molecules. So how do CBD water manufacturers avert this roadblock?

Nanotechnology: Making CBD Water Possible

Picture the last time you made pasta. You bring water to a boil; you add a pinch of salt, and – despite scientists telling you this actually does nothing – you add some olive oil to your pasta water. What happens next? The olive oil swirls around in bubbles on the top layer of water, never fully absorbing into the rolling boils below.

This is the most common example of hydrophobic oils, much in the same vein as CBD oil and the water from your water bottle. You cannot merely add CBD oil to your water and expect successful results.

Instead, CBD water manufacturers must use a complicated chemical formula to create nano-CBD molecules. These molecules are much smaller than regular CBD molecules, allowing them to dissolve into water, creating your CBD-infused water.

How Are Nano-CBD Molecules Created?

To create nano-CBD molecules, manufacturers must shoot enzymes – a biological catalyst, usually a protein molecule – at CBD molecules, creating a reaction that shrinks the size of the CBD molecules. These particles are then sometimes chemically dispersed to further decrease their size, a process known as nanoemulsion.

There is not much data that compares the effects of nano-CBD molecules with regular CBD molecules. Still, some studies have begun to show that nanotechnologies increase the absorption of CBD into your bloodstream.

Does CBD Water Actually Work?

The answer is not as simple as yes or no. When you infuse water with nanoparticles of CBD, yes, CBD water actually works. When you just add CBD oil to your water bottle, no, all you’re doing is diluting the CBD, decreasing the potential benefits of CBD-infused water.

When looking at CBD water for sale, always look for some mention of nano-CBD molecules or nanoemulsion manufacturing. In addition, you never want to purchase your CBD water from a grocery store. CBD is highly reactive with light, and the harsh light of grocery stores can damage the CBD-infused water you see on the shelf.

Instead, it’s best to purchase CBD water from an online manufacturer. At CBD Choice, we store all of our products in a CBD-safe environment away from harsh light and adverse temperature conditions.

What Does CBD Water Taste Like?

Another thing you must consider when diving into CBD water – or any CBD drink, for that matter – is whether or not you’ll actually like the taste. You don’t want to use a product that tastes bad! However, we’ve found that CBD water tastes strikingly similar to regular water.

As any avid CBD user will tell you: CBD oil possesses the natural, earthy flavor of hemp. Some users may enjoy this taste more than others. With CBD water, however, the taste is subtle, a slight tinge that doesn’t drag your tastebuds through the dirt. In short: you’ll hardly notice the difference between CBD water and regular water, at least when it comes to taste!

Is CBD Water Right for You?

Acceptable CBD-infused water generally contains between five to ten milligrams of CBD. This might seem low to an everyday CBD enthusiast, but you have to remember: nano-CBD technology is difficult to execute successfully. Even if you’re able to create nano-CBD, you still have to infuse it into the water in a way that works.

In addition, CBD-infused water isn’t like other CBD oil-infused products. Instead, it’s a lighthearted product, meant to let you go about your day as normal. You don’t have to break out of your ordinary routine to use it, just drink water! It’s that simple.

CBD water isn’t for everyone, and some states have cracked down on what food products are acceptable for CBD infusion. Always check your local legality around CBD ingestibles like CBD water or CBD edibles to know what’s available to you.

Luckily, even if your state doesn’t allow the sale of CBD water, the 2018 Farm Bill legalized CBD across the nation. You can order CBD water online and have it shipped to you, easy as that.

CBD Water, in Conclusion

It might not be for everyone because of its lower CBD content, but CBD water offers CBD users a unique and simplistic CBD product that fuses flawlessly with your everyday routine. Using nano-CBD technologies, manufacturers have also developed ways to create other CBD drinks like CBD oil-infused teas, flavorful CBD syrups, and even CBD coffee!

CBD-infused water is really the pioneer behind all current and future CBD-infused drinks, part of what makes this product so special. In addition to all we’ve learned about this product, you can also use CBD water to create unique concoctions that truly bring out the personality in your CBD treatment. Add a flavored CBD energy drink mix to your CBD water! Flavor your CBD water with slices of fresh citrus for a cool agua fresca! The possibilities are endless. All made possible by one glass of CBD water.

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