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The Two Types of CBD Sprays

The Two Types of CBD Sprays

Let's face it: there are a ton of different CBD products out there, and it's not always immediately clear how they're supposed to be used.

When it comes to CBD sprays, we get a lot of inquiries. What are they? How are they used? Do they work differently from other CBD products?

If you're in the "confused by CBD spray" camp, you've come to the right place. This article covers all of the most important CBD spray FAQs, so you have what you need to make the right choice for your CBD treatment needs.

What Is CBD Spray? What Types of CBD Spray Are There?

CBD sprays are liquid CBD products that are meant to be administered through a spray bottle or other similar device.

There are two main types of CBD spray: oral CBD spray (taken by mouth) and topical CBD spray (applied to the skin).

Do CBD Sprays Offer Unique Benefits?

CBD sprays typically contain the same or similar ingredients to other non-spray CBD products. As such, you should expect them to have the same therapeutic benefits as other CBD products, such as:

CBD sprays will not magically add new therapeutic benefits that you wouldn't get from other CBD products. However, what they do offer is increased convenience.

  • Sprays apply pre-measured dosage (the size of a single spray)
  • Sprays apply the dose evenly across the application area (which is especially useful for topical sprays, where you'd otherwise need to spread the topical around with your hand)
  • Sprays minimize the need for cleanup
  • Sprays reduce the chance of spillage and waste

Should I Use a Topical CBD Spray or an Oral CBD Spray?

Just like when you're choosing any other type of CBD product, this choice will depend on the treatment goals you're looking for.

As a general rule of thumb, keep in mind:

  • Oral CBD is better for stress, anxiety, and sleep; it's also better for pain and inflammation throughout the body (rather than localized in a specific area)
  • Topical CBD is better for pain and inflammation that is localized in specific areas (such as sore muscles or joints)

Moreover, the body absorbs oral CBD more easily and efficiently, meaning that you'll feel your dose much faster, and there will be less wasted CBD if you're taking oral rather than topical CBD. Note that these enhanced benefits are dependent on how you take oral CBD; see the next question.

For most users, oral CBD will be the better choice. But for athletes, joint-pain sufferers, and others looking for targeted relief, topical CBD sprays may be the preferable option.

How Do I Use an Oral CBD Spray? Can I Just Drink It?

Just like when using a traditional CBD oil, you should not immediately swallow your dose of CBD spray.

Instead, you should hold the dose under your tongue for ~30-45 seconds and then swallow the remaining dose.

This is called "sublingual dosing", and it's one of the most efficient ways of getting CBD into your system. In fact, if you were to simply swallow your dose, your body would burn off a significant portion of your CBD dose without ever benefiting from its effects!

Sublingual dosing will dramatically increase the speed at which your dose takes effect, increase the overall effectiveness of your dose, and make your purchase go further.

How Do I Use a Topical CBD Spray?

Compared to oral CBD sprays, topical CBD sprays are pretty straightforward.

Be sure to read the instructions on your individual topical CBD sprays, as different products may have slightly different applications. In general, however:

  • Hold the spray a couple of inches away from the area needing relief.
  • Press the spray applicator to apply a single "spritz".
  • Either allow the dose to dry or rub the dose into the application area, as specified by the specific product.

Can I Use a Topical CBD Spray Orally?


Topical CBD sprays will typically be made with different ingredients than oral CBD sprays. Sometimes, the ingredients in a topical will be 100% safe for use on the skin but may be harmful if ingested or otherwise used internally.

Always follow the application instructions for your CBD products, regardless of the type of product in question. Do not use a CBD spray until you are 100% sure whether it is intended for oral or topical use.

What CBD Sprays Are Available?

CBD sprays are somewhat less popular than many other CBD products, so you'll find comparatively few CBD sprays on offer. But we're likely to see more and more brands offering both oral and topical CBD sprays in the future.

Here are a few of the CBD sprays that we currently offer at CBD Choice:

Oral CBD Sprays:

Topical CBD Sprays:

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