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The Reddit CBD Community

The Reddit CBD Community

There’s perhaps no better place to experience the CBD community than on Reddit, the self-proclaimed “front page of the internet.” And for those who don’t know, what is Reddit? The not-quite-social-media site houses a collection of staff- and user-generated forums. On these forums, Reddit users can share news, spread content, talk about personal experiences, and more.

So what does the Reddit CBD community have to offer?

  • New and existing CBD users can learn how to properly consume CBD oil and other related products.
  • Individuals can discuss which CBD products and scientific studies are FDA approved.
  • CBD users can share their personal experiences with CBD without fear of judgment.
  • Novice CBD users can ask for advice, and experienced CBD users can share what works for them.
  • Reddit users can share their thoughts on different CBD products, fads, trends, and more.

This is just a sample of what’s possible in the Reddit CBD community. In short, it’s a place where people can share information and learn from one another. For a product like CBD, the Reddit community is more important now than ever before. Together as a community, we can change the way the world thinks about CBD.

CBD & Reddit: Anecdotal Reports

Before we dive into the benefits of the Reddit CBD community, remember that Reddit posts are considered “anecdotal” reports. Anecdotal reports are non-scientific in nature and are not FDA approved.

Let’s look at an example. In 2015, Redditor neverlandishome posted a thread that said: “Marijuana kills cancer cells, confirms US government.” The user linked to an article that did not validate his point. However, Reddit users were quick to counter neverlandishome, clearing up misinformation.

This would be an example of an anecdotal report. In their personal belief, user neverlandishome stated that marijuana kills cancerous cells in the human body. Scientists, on the other hand, have yet to corroborate such a conclusion.

So what’s the point of this? Didn’t we just imply that we support the Reddit CBD community? Well, we do. But Reddit posts should not be considered “scientific” in nature. In fact, anecdotal reports help understand how users experience something like CBD oil. However, they don’t tell you what is scientifically valid, or FDA approved about CBD. In this way, anecdotal reports should be thought of as personal experiences.

The Benefits of the Reddit CBD Community

Pretend for a minute that you’ve never had the opportunity to consume CBD products. You purchase CBD products online but don’t quite know how to use them. Where do you go for help?

You could check out the CBD Choice Learn Center or even browse our CBD-related articles. But we’re just one voice among many in the CBD community. In the Reddit CBD community, there are thousands upon thousands of voices.

With nothing but a simple Reddit search, you can find never-ending, CBD-related knowledge.

The list goes on and on. So yeah, you might not find scientific studies embedded within the endless pages of Reddit. However, you can find a pertinent source for “unofficial” information. Plus, Reddit CBD users are typically quick to correct one another. It’s clear that the CBD community wants to dispel the spread of misinformation. They want to ensure that everyone has access to relevant CBD news and knowledge.

How to Navigate the Reddit CBD Community

When you visit the main page of the CBD community on Reddit, you’ll see two posts pinned to the top. These pages were pinned by the moderators of the Reddit CBD community. On Reddit, moderators are the people who run the forums, usually staff or highly ranked redditors. Pinned pages are deemed the most important or the most searched for. On the CBD Reddit page, what are they?

  1. The CBD FAQ: this page will tell you the rules for the CBD reddit community. Rules include things like “no advertising” and “keep posts relevant to CBD.” This FAQ also answers questions like “What is CBD?”
  2. Where to Buy CBD: this page compiles “Companies with high morals and great quality.” This page is useful both for consumers and vendors like us. At CBD Choice, we’re connoisseurs of CBD products. We use resources like the Reddit CBD community to determine the CBD companies we work with.

After you’ve reviewed both of these pages, you can continue scrolling to find a variety of relevant CBD forums. You can sort forums in four ways:

  1. Hot: forums getting a lot of traffic right now.
  2. New: the newest forums, regardless of user activity.
  3. Top: the all-time most interacted with forums.
  4. Rising: forums experiencing rising popularity and activity.

As Reddit users are always posting new content, the forums you see might be different each time you visit Reddit. You’ll also notice that posts and comments have a certain number of “upvotes” across all Reddit forums. Reddit users can upvote posts they’re interested in or upvote comments they agree with.

The Types of Posts in the CBD Community

So now that you know how to navigate the Reddit CBD community, what types of posts will you encounter? As we mentioned, you might see new posts each time you visit Reddit. For example’s sake, here are the most interesting forums I found on my last visit:

As you can see, Reddit posts have variety. Some people talk about their experiences with CBD or ask for advice from more experienced users. Others talk about different types of CBD oil and their personal preferences. Many even post news articles and ask the CBD community’s opinion of that article.

CBD: A Welcoming Community

You never know what you’ll encounter in the Reddit CBD community. In my research, I’ve found that the CBD community can be an excellent place to gain rudimentary knowledge. It’s also important to relate to other CBD users through this community. In this way, you’ll feel like you’re getting the most from your CBD treatment.

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