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The CBD Choice Mother’s Day Gift Guide

The CBD Choice Mother’s Day Gift Guide

Every day, our moms brighten our lives. One day each year, we have a chance to return that love: Mother’s Day. But coming up with Mother’s Day gift ideas can be tricky, which is why CBD Choice is offering CBD oil on sale so you can find the perfect gifts for mom this year!

We want to show our appreciation for mothers everywhere. They are the backbone of our lives – setting us on the right path and whipping us into shape – which is why we want to make Mother’s Day 2020 extra special for your beloved mothers as well. Continue reading to find discounts on the perfect mother’s day gift ideas!

All CBD Choice Topicals 20% Off with Code “CBDMOM”

For starters, CBD Choice is offering all CBD-infused topicals at 20% off through Mother’s Day. Pamper your mom with what she deserves: a botanically-infused CBD lotion, a soothing CBD massage oil, a delightfully relaxing CBD face mask– the choices are endless! Mother’s Day gift ideas have never been this easy.

At checkout, input the discount code “CBDMOM” to receive 20% off all CBD topicals in your order. We ship same-day, even in light of the events of COVID-19, so if you order now, you should receive these perfect gifts for mom in time for Mother’s Day!

The CBD Choice Mother’s Day Gift Guide

CBD Choice hand-picked a selection of Mother’s Day gift ideas, in addition to offering topical CBD oil on sale. These four products are sure to provide your mom with the very best in comfort and relaxation on her special day!

These select CBD products are available at an additional 25% percent off, already discounted at checkout so you can receive these mom-tastic products.

Mary’s Methods | Purify Dead Sea Mud Mask

This CBD-infused mud mask, brought to you by Mary’s Methods, makes the perfect Mother’s Day gift because it combines 50mg of CBD with a spa-quality facial treatment. Give your mom a pore-cleansing, hydrating relaxation treatment from the comfort of her own home!

This CBD-infused face mask utilizes a luxurious combination of CBD, chamomile, aloe vera, and lavender to offer your mom a fresh, fragrant CBD treatment. Not only will she experience the wonderful benefits of CBD, but:

  • Chamomile acts as a natural anti-inflammatory and antioxidant that protects against free radicals.
  • Aloe Vera is a powerful moisturizer that soothes skin irritation and fights back blemishes and wrinkles.
  • Lavender is known to lighten and beautify skin while offering a natural fragrance that calms the senses.

Plus, this Purify Dead Sea Mud Mask comes equipped with its own brush to make application that much easier. Moms do enough work– get a product that works for her!

CBD Living | Lavender Bath Bomb

While talking about spa-quality treatments, it’s impossible not to mention this meticulously-crafted Lavender CBD Bath Bomb, made available by CBD Living. Our moms love the spa, so why not bring the spa right to their bathtub?

This CBD-infused bath bomb allows our moms to experience a full-body CBD treatment, and soaking in CBD isn’t just about the benefits to your skin. In fact, the lavender fragrance lulls the mind into comforting relaxation, giving your mom a chance to recoup from all her woes this Mother’s Day.

What could be better?

This CBD Living bath bomb is also made using natural essential oils, curated to bring your mom a healthy boost of bathtime CBD treatment.

Pachamama | CBD Body Lotion

Show your mom some real love this Mother’s Day with this primrose-infused CBD lotion, curated and crafted by Pachamama, experts in botanical relaxation. This all-purpose lotion is sure to enliven your mother’s special day! It contains 300mg of CBD, sure to benefit your mother’s troublesome aches and pains.

Not only that, but Pachamama infused their CBD Body Lotion with a mix of hydrating and skin-purifying ingredients, proven to offer the utmost relief this Mother’s Day. Such ingredients include:

  • Evening Primrose Extract, known for its unique scent and ability to boost skin elasticity.
  • Rooibos Extract, which is supremely hydrating and contains a variety of nutrients.
  • Jojoba Seed Oil offers anti-inflammatory properties that are sure to entice.

Because Pachamama CBD Body Lotion contains Broad Spectrum CBD oil, it includes all of the terpenes, amino acids, essential fatty acids, and other cannabinoids that are naturally found in the hemp plant, with 0% THC. Give your mom the full-body CBD experience she desires!

Green Roads | Gummy CBD Relax Bears

What if your mom enjoys something on the sweeter side? Green Roads has you covered this Mother’s Day. Their Gummy CBD Relax Bears are sure to satiate any motherly sweet tooth, offering a variety of flavors that are very much CBD Choice and taste bud-approved!

Each one of these potent gummies contains 10mg of CBD per serving, meaning your mom can enjoy one or two (or three or four) every time she sits back to relax this Mother’s Day. These CBD-infused edibles are one of the most popular CBD products on the market. Just one taste and your mom will know why!

Give the Gift of CBD this Mother’s Day!

Look no further to find the perfect gifts for mom, as CBD Choice has put all the best Mother’s Day gift ideas right in one place! You can’t go wrong with CBD on sale. There’s a reason moms love CBD so much!

Don’t forget to enter the code “CBDMOM” to receive 20% off all CBD Choice topicals. This discount is available through Monday, May 11 so you can treat your mom all weekend long. All items found in the Mother’s Day Gift Guide are already discounted 25%, so all you have to do is order now and give your mom the relaxing Mother’s Day she deserves.

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