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The Best Topicals For Overly Washed Hands

The Best Topicals For Overly Washed Hands

When it comes to washing your hands, cleanliness can be simple: the more you scrub your hands, the cleaner they’ll get. We’ve seen myriad hand-washing instructions shared throughout all levels of the internet, but one thing these instruction manuals and memes alike fail to mention: overly washing your hands can lead to dry, cracked hands.

Why does that matter? Overly washed, dry hands can cause itchiness, dryness, and discomfort. Over time, this can actually pose a risk to your health. Dryness breaks down our skin barriers, allowing for increased risk of infection and decreased protection from environmental stressors.

That’s why it’s very important – especially now in a time of increased hand washing – to hydrate your skin. Applying topical lotions or treatments can rehydrate skin that’s been overly washed, allowing you to restore your skin’s natural protective layer while still washing your hands regularly and maintaining a high level of cleanliness.

So here’s what you’ll want to look for when finding the right topical to treat your dry, overly washed hands!

Glycerin-Infused Topicals

Glycerin is found in many topicals across the skincare and cosmetics industries because it possesses the unique ability to attract moisture and keep your hands deeply hydrated. It also possesses the perfect balance: not too greasy, yet not so absorbent that your hands feel drier a short time after use.

Skincare professionals state that glycerin acts as an invisible glove. It feels silky, but better yet, it stays in place, creating an artificial barrier around your overly-washed hands, keeping the skin from drying out. Using a glycerin-infused topical after each wash could keep your hands feeling fresh and prevent them from cracking from dryness.

But what is glycerin? Glycerin is a simple compound that is colorless, odorless, viscous, and non-toxic. It’s found in lipids known as glycerides, and it is one of the most commonly-used FDA-approved ingredients in topical or skincare treatment products. Glycerin is so popular within the topicals industry because it has the natural ability to fight bacteria and other environmental stressors that damage the outer layers of our skin.

There are many glycerin-infused topicals available right here at CBD Choice, including:

Coconut Oil-Infused Topicals

Coconut oil is another immensely popular topical ingredient. Why? Because it has been shown to offer a variety of anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, and antiseptic benefits to our bodies when applied topically. It’s also one of the most famously hydrating formulas, renowned for allowing your skin to retain and even restore moisture.

What makes coconut oil-infused topicals so useful for overly washed hands is that they can be used repetitively without risk, as coconut oil is an excellent hydrating agent for consistent use.

You can find a variety of coconut oil-infused topicals at CBD Choice. Here are some of our favorites, perfect for fighting dry skin and irritation on overly washed hands:

Lemon Essential Oil-Infused Topicals

Now this one is unique. While glycerin and coconut oil are considered supremely hydrating, lemon essential oil doesn’t necessarily hydrate the skin itself. Instead, this powerful natural agent acts as a detoxifier and astringent, allowing you to rid your hands of dead skin cells and retain moisture.

Dead skin can actually inhibit moisture absorption and dry the skin. With this citrus-laden essential oil’s ability to fight bacteria added to the mix, topical formulas that contain lemon essential oil allow you to fight off infection and pave the way for hydrated hands.

Here are some of our favorite CBD Choice topicals infused with  lemon essential oil:

  • CBDfx Shea Butter Citrus Balm: a convenient, hand-held balm that offers both citrus healing and 150mg of CBD, perfect for your dry hands.
  • Medterra Rapid Cooling CBD Cream: this cooling topical is crafted with a variety of essential oils, including citrus extracts, and packs 250mg to 750mg of CBD, depending on the option you choose.
  • Pachamama CBD Pain Cream: this wonderfully crafted topical contains some of the most hydrating essential oils and botanical extracts on the market, with an impressive 850mg of CBD to boot.

Keeping Your Hands Hydrated & Safe

It’s important that we wash our hands! Everything we touch carries bacteria that can be transferred to our bodies through our fingertips. However, with frequent washing and hydrating, we can protect our hands from these unsafe bacteria, which in turn protects us from the environmental stressors of the outside world.

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