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Racial Equity: a Better World, a Better Cannabis Industry

Racial Equity: a Better World, a Better Cannabis Industry

At CBD Choice, we’re committed to bettering the world by empowering health and wellness. With that mission in mind, it’s impossible to rest easy when our brothers, sisters, and gender non-comforming peers of color are oppressed and silenced.

We cannot stand idly by.

CBD Choice is making strides to better our community, our industry, and ourselves. We cannot be silent by choice when so many have had their voices stripped away from them. We also understand the luxury of our position: we work within the cannabis industry, yet we do not face the same discrimination as so many who came before us.

Hemp-derived CBD is legal at the federal level. The same cannot be said for marijuana, the cousin of the hemp plant. And although various states have since legalized marijuana for both medicinal and recreational purposes, many people of color still sit in cells for marijuana-related crimes while an immeasurable number of companies make money off this now-legal cannabis market.

This is inexcusable. Luckily, there are organizations doing something about it.

The Last Prisoner Project is a group of cannabis industry leaders, criminal justice advocates, drug policy experts, social justice leaders, and artists. Their mission is to free every last prisoner incarcerated for cannabis offenses that are now legal in most U.S. states. Many of these prisoners are people of color.

During the month of September, CBD Choice will donate 10 percent of all proceeds to the Last Prisoner Project. We need to do better to empower the legal cannabis industries, both for CBD and THC. We have a chance to build something inclusive, equal, and just. Freeing cannabis prisoners is just step one.

As our customer, know that CBD Choice stands with Black Lives Matter and be on the lookout for ongoing efforts from CBD Choice to promote justice and equality wherever possible.

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