Blog: Learn About CBD Products, News, and More at CBD Choice

Blog: Learn About CBD Products, News, and More at CBD Choice

What is CBD Oil and What Does It Do?

Cannabidiol (CBD) is an oil extracted from cannabis — specifically hemp, as opposed to marijuana — that contains only miniscule amounts (or none) of the psychoactive compound tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). Due to its very low percentage of THC, CBD oil does not have psychoactive properties and does not appear to be addictive, according to World Health […]

CBD In NYC: Why The FDA Is Cracking Down On CBD In Food & Drinks

Putting CBD in food and drinks has become a popular way for CBD users to get their daily dose, and restaurants have noticed. CBD is being added to everything from brownies in popular bakeries to morning brews in bistros across the country. It’s been a big step in the acceptance and mainstream visibility of the […]

CBD & Cannabis DUI Laws: What To Look Out For

While industrial hemp and its derivatives, like CBD oil, are legal, there is still a lot of uncertainties in how this legalization works with existing laws, such as CBD and DUI. Most states have had forms of cannabis DUI laws on the books for years to better manage those who are caught driving under the […]

What Is Cellular Agriculture, And How Can It Shape the CBD Industry?

Now that industrial hemp has been federally legalized, the science behind CBD is working to make up for lost time. Leading-edge agricultural research is being paired with cannabis, and the results have been staggering. One of the most promising developments, cellular agriculture, is generating a lot of excitement among those who use CBD to promote […]

What You Need to Know About CBD, Cannabis, and Banking

One drama that has largely played out behind the scenes of the emerging legal cannabis industry is the relationship between CBD and banking. While it may seem like industrial hemp has experienced almost unfettered growth, the truth is that a lack of proper–or, at times, any–access to financial business products has created a challenging environment […]

Jobs in the CBD/Hemp Industry: What’s Out There?

WIth the re-legalization of industrial hemp, the cannabis industry is booming, and there is more demand than ever for workers to fill jobs in hemp. Jobs in the CBD industry offer challenging work, but with great rewards, like a decent rate of pay, and the ability to contribute to an industry that helps people live […]

Advertising Restrictions in the CBD Industry

If you’re new to CBD, you probably found out about it from word of mouth or an online article that prompted a web search. That’s because CBD advertising faces some pretty tough restrictions. Far from just affecting businesses, the regulatory restrictions CBD companies operate under can also make it harder to find out more information […]

Should You Fight the Flu With CBD Products?

You may have read about the many potential health benefits of CBD, but you may not know how effective CBD is against the flu. While it shouldn’t take the place of appropriate medical care, CBD can be an effective aid in managing the flu and flu-like symptoms. For those suffering through a bout of the […]

Plant Clones: Science Fiction or Beneficial to the CBD Industry?

If you’ve heard the buzz surrounding the CBD strain clones, you may be wondering what the big deal is. After all, growing a plant isn’t rocket science. Home gardeners tend their small crops every year, and the nation’s farmers tend to the crops that feed and clothe us year-round. Hemp clones, however, represent not just […]

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