Blog: Learn About CBD Products, News, and More at CBD Choice

Blog: Learn About CBD Products, News, and More at CBD Choice

CBD Pain Relief for Dogs

About CBD for Pets Pet parents and veterinarians alike are finding that CBD can provide positive physical effects for dogs and cats. Just like people, animals have an endocannabinoid system which allows them to receive the same benefits from CBD. Dogs and cats have a series of receptors that run throughout their bodies. The cannabinoids […]

CBD Cream & Arthritis: Can it Help Soothe Your Pain?

For many arthritis sufferers, using CBD cream for pain management is an important part of their self-care routine. CBD cream offers several benefits that help keep skin, muscles, and joints feeling better. For some, that makes it the perfect addition to their existing treatment regimen or in addition to any preventative regimen they’re maintaining to […]

CBD Oil for Pain Management: Can It Work For You?

Many people have heard they can use CBD oil for pain management. In fact, pain is one of the most common reasons cited for why people begin investigating whether CBD is right for their body’s needs. Chronic pain is a common occurrence in aging adults and a symptom of illnesses and conditions that many people […]

Medical Vs. Recreational CBD: Is There a Difference?

With the FDA approval of Epidiolex, medical CBD became an option for some patients who had previously used CBD after conducting their own independent research into the cannabinoid’s effectiveness. Approving the first CBD medication, the FDA effectively created two classes of CBD product: medical and recreational CBD. For a public already struggling to understand the […]

10 Best Restaurants Using CBD Across the US

As interest in CBD increases, so does interest in CBD infused foods and drinks. This demand has led to an increase in restaurants adding CBD to their menus in delicious and exciting ways. From souped-up salads to decadent desserts, there are a variety of offerings for the culinary adventure seeker. Here are some of the […]

History of CBD Oil in the US

More and more people are finding out for themselves the benefits Cannabidiol (CBD) oil has to offer for their health and wellness. They’d be forgiven for thinking it was a remarkable, new substance because this nearly forgotten cannabinoid seemed to explode onto the scene in recent years. The truth is, however, that the history of […]

Women, Wellness and Cannabis Buying Trends

Women, Wellness and Cannabis Buying Trends Cannabis is now mainstream with most of the U.S. legalizing usage and the majority of Americans supporting the end of federal prohibition. Consumers can purchase high-quality cannabis products almost anywhere and no more hiding in the shadows. As the market grows it is starting to include more and more […]

What the TSA Says About Flying With CBD

If you’re a frequent world traveler, you’ve gotten used to not flying with your CBD. That’s about to change as the TSA has released new guidelines related to flying with CBD products. While this policy change will be a welcome relief to users who have come to rely on CBD in their day-to-day lives, caution […]

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