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CBD Product Review: Mary's Tails Calm and Quiet CBD Dog Chews

CBD Product Review: Mary's Tails Calm and Quiet CBD Dog Chews

When it comes to our health and that of our loved ones, we want nothing but the best. And that's true no matter whether the loved one is a human, dog, cat, or whatever! Our four-legged friends deserve the same love, care, and quality that we look for for ourselves.

And so, when you're looking for CBD chews for dogs, what's the best option for your pup? Well here's my spotlight on one stand-out option: Mary's Tails Calm and Quiet CBD Dog Chews.

These bacon-flavored treats are packed with synergistic ingredients for whole-body health, and our pups loved them! And even more, we loved how they seemed to help our pups deal with the stress of visitors, loud noises, and more!

Product Specs Overview

Want a quick-and-dirty summary of Mary's Tails Calm and Quiet CBD Dog Chews? Got you covered.

Note: all specs are accurate as of publication in November 2022.

Brand: Mary's Tails (Mary's Nutritionals' pet line)

Product Name: Calm and Quiet CBD Dog Chews

Price ($ - $$$): $$

CBD Extract: Full spectrum

CBD per serving: 4mg (2mg CBD per soft chew, 2 chews per serving)

Size Options: 30 count, 60 count

CBD Potencies: 60mg (30 count), 120mg (60 count)

Price per mg CBD: $0.29 - $0.33

Flavor: Bacon

Base Oil: Hempseed and Virgin Red Palm Oil

Synergy Ingredients: L-theanine, Calcium Ascorbate, Hemp Seed Protein Powder, Liquid Lecithin

Just from these basics, we can get a fairly good picture of what makes these CBD chews for dogs noteworthy. They're reasonably priced, deliciously flavored, and chock-full of synergistic ingredients that support your dog's full-body health.

A Bit About Mary's Tails (That is, Mary's Naturals)

Mary's Nutritionals is renowned for fusing CBD with some of nature's most exotic and potent elements. Their outstanding CBD skincare products are perhaps their most well-known goods. Mary's Nutritionals may be the ideal choice for you if you're seeking for cutting-edge CBD topicals, but don't let that mislead you; they pour that same care, innovation, and top-shelf quality, into all of their more products lines.

Mary's Tails Calm and Quiet CBD Dog Chews Review

  • Extract Type: Full Spectrum CBD
    Personally, I'm a devotee of full-spectrum CBD. It's got a ton of other supporting cannabinoids, not just CBD, and when it comes to reducing anxiety (my main reason for using CBD and also the reason I sometimes give it to my pets), I find that only full-spectrum extracts like this really do the trick.
  • CBD per serving: 4mg (2mg CBD per soft chew, 2 chews per serving)
    Not too little, not too much. This is a nice middle-ground dosage that allows you to easily customize the amount of CBD your pet will receive, as needed based on their size and symptoms. Unfortunately, there's only the one strength option, and I'd love to see a more potent option for larger dogs — but it's easy enough to give your pup one more treat if needed, so I'm not too bothered.
  • Size and Potency Options: 30 count/60mg, 120 count/120mg
    Nothing to write home about here. There's no option to increase the potency per chew, but the lowish dose per bite allows you to easily customize the total dose to your dog's size. Bigger dog? Maybe up it to 3. Tiny lil' thing? One'll probably do ya. Simple, straightforward, and good enough for my purposes.
  • Price: High compared to tinctures but reasonable for dog treats
    Honestly, the price is the one area where these CBD treats for dogs leave me wanting a bit more. The simple fact of the matter is that, when you may CBD dog treats, you're gonna pay meaningfully more for the CBD dose than with products like oils. Luckily, my pets are alright with taking flavored CBD oils — but they certainly enjoy these Mary's treats far more. It's a trade-off, but for me it's worth the money to make them enjoy the experience a bit more.
  • Flavor: Thiiiiis is great. I mean, I haven't tried these dog treats myself, but I've given them to my pets, my family's, and a handful of friends. The result: universally, without exception, the puppers have very clearly enjoyed the taste. And why not? It's made with authentic, natural bacon for flavoring, and we know that puppers love that stuff.

Base Oil and Other Ingredients:I love the synergistic ingredients in these dog treats! L-theanine is a stress- and anxiety-fighter; calcium ascorbate boosts bone and blood vessel health; hemp protein powder helps muscle growth and even brain function; and liquid lecithin gives essential oils that are difficult to find in some doggy diets. Overall, it's an impressive array that definitely makes me feel good about giving these to my pet.

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