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CBD Product Review: Lazarus Naturals Huckleberry "Calm" CBD Gummies

CBD Product Review: Lazarus Naturals Huckleberry "Calm" CBD Gummies

Among CBD users, fighting anxiety and achieving blissful calm are some of the most common goals. And, for my money, delicious CBD gummies may just be the best way to achieve that state of CBD nirvana.

One of my favorites recently has been Lazarus Naturals Huckleberry CBD Gummies — often called their "Calm" gummies. The taste is delicious, the supporting ingredients are effective, and the price is right at that sweet spot where I don't feel bad making them a regular part of my daily routine.

So here's my overview of one of my absolute favorite CBD products out there: Lazarus Naturals' delicious, effective, affordable, calming huckleberry CBD gummies.

Product Specs Overview

Want a quick-and-dirty summary of Lazarus Naturals High Potency Full Spectrum Tincture? Got you covered.

Note: all specs are accurate as of publication in January 2023.

Brand:Lazarus Naturals

Product Name:Huckleberry "Calm" CBD Gummies

Price ($ - $$$):$

CBD Extract:Full spectrum

CBD per serving:25mg CBD per gummy

Size Options:25 gummies, 40 gummies

CBD Potencies:1000mg (40 servings), 250mg (25 servings)

Price per mg CBD:$0.037 - $0.039

Flavor:Huckleberry, sweet and slightly tart dark berry flavor

Base Oil:Hempseed and Coconut MCT (both organic)

Synergy Ingredients:Ashwagandha, L-Theanine

From that basic rundown, you can already see what makes these gummies an absolute hit: delicious flavor, reasonable CBD dosage, affordability, and effective calming ingredients.

A Bit About Lazarus Naturals

Lazarus Naturals isn't the best-known CBD brand, but those who've tried their products almost universally love them. Lazarus offers some of the most cost-effective CBD out there and a handful of unusual specialty items that other manufacturers don't. For example, their CBD Coconut Oil (which I use in my CBD cooking recipes all the time) or CBD-only Rick Simpson Oil Syringe.

Lazarus oil flavors tend towards the natural and fruity, but, in my experience, they're nothing to write home about. Oil flavors are more subtle, but that doesn't apply to their gummies. As these huckleberry CBD gummies prove, there's nothing like a distinct, sweet and sour flavor to make your CBD a treat you'll look forward to.

What truly makes Lazarus shine? Without a doubt, it's their prices. Lazarus offers an absolutely incredible value, with some of the lowest prices per mg of CBD you'll ever see. And while their gummies are a bit more expensive than their oils, they're still far more affordable than what you'll find from most brands.

Lazarus Naturals "Calm" Huckleberry CBD Gummies Review

I love these gummies. As I've said, they taste great, they do a wonderful job at easing my anxiety and helping me achieve chill, and they're affordable enough that they won't break the bank even if I take them every day.

From my personal experience, I highly recommend these tasty CBD gummies to just about anybody. Here are some standout features:

  • Extract Type: Full Spectrum CBDPersonally, I'm a devotee of full-spectrum CBD. It's got a ton of other supporting cannabinoids, not just CBD, and when it comes to reducing anxiety and increasing calm (my main reason for using CBD), I find that only full-spectrum extracts like this do the trick.
  • CBD per serving: 25mg CBD per gummy25mg is kind of a sweet spot for CBD dosage. Many studies find that ~20mg of CBD is what you should aim for if you want an effective dose, and the little extra smidge makes a difference for more experienced and regular users. Still, it's not so high that you need to feel bad about taking multiple per day, though I personally wouldn't do two in a single sitting!
  • Size and Potency Options: 125 gummies, 40 gummiesNothing to write home about here. Most products will have a couple of volume options, and there's nothing special about these. Still, it's nice that you can dip your toes with a cheap, low-volume option before buying multiple months' worth of huckleberry CBD gummies at once.
  • Price: EXTREMELY affordable, at $0.037 - $0.039 per mg of CBDJust like with their oils, the price is simply my favorite part of Lazarus Naturals' line of gummies. While you'll pay a bit more than you would with their high-potency tinctures, this is still an incredible value when you compare it to other CBD gummies from other brands! Price, in short, is why I keep coming back to Lazarus Naturals time and time again.
  • Flavor: I love it! This mix of sweet, dark berries with a little bit of natural tartness is so pleasing to my palate. The thin coating of sugar around the gummy is particularly delightful, getting my mouth a-waterin' even before I bite into the berry goodness. I'll admit, I haven't been an ultra fan of many of Lazarus's oil flavors, but their gummies are a cut above.
  • Base Oil and Other Ingredients: Good stuff here! Full-spectrum CBD is already great for calming and reducing anxiety, but Lazarus Naturals also uses a blend of ashwagandha and L-theanine, which are gentle yet powerful, all-natural relaxers. The combination of all these together is just dandy, and it makes a noticeable difference when I take these as opposed to just straight full spectrum CBD!

Overall, between the extremely affordable price, the overall potency of the gummies, and that delicious sweet-tart flavor, Lazarus Naturals Huckleberry “Calm” CBD Gummies are definitely something I’d recommend. While the volume options aren’t anything special, paying this price for full-spectrum huckleberry CBD gummies with a few extra ingredients, like ashwagandha, is hard to beat.

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