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CBD Peanut Butter: One Tasty Combo

CBD Peanut Butter: One Tasty Combo

Whether you like it creamy or crunchy, with jelly or toast, one thing's for sure: peanut butter is an utter classic. But what's less known is how perfectly peanut butter goes with our favorite cannabinoid, CBD!

So in this article, we shine the spotlight on this under-appreciated combo, highlighting why CBD peanut butter may be the perfect pairing (for both people and pets!) — and even providing a simple DIY recipe that will have you wondering why you never tried CBD PB before!

CBD Peanut Butter, the Perfect Pairing

So what makes this a match made in CBD heaven?

  • First off, CBD peanut butter makes for delicious, enjoyable dosing. If you're a fan of peanut butter, then you'll be happy to know that adding CBD won't affect the taste or consistency of your favorite snack.
  • Second, peanut butter is a near-perfect vessel for CBD. That's because CBD is fat-soluble (which is the main reason that most CBD tinctures are made with an MCT oil base). That means that CBD will mix perfectly into rich, healthy fats like peanut butter — providing you with a smooth texture and consistent dosing throughout your CBD peanut butter servings!
  • Third, peanuts and peanut butter are nutrient-rich, healthy snacks that further enhance CBD's health benefits. CBD peanut butter not only provides CBD's anti-inflammatory and stress-relieving effects but also a rich source of protein, healthy fats, and vitamins that your body needs.

Simply put, CBD peanut butter offers the same enjoyable peanut butter experience that makes it a timeless classic while also bringing out the very best from the CBD dose it contains! It's a match made in heaven, and may just be the ideal way for peanut butter lovers to get their daily CBD dose.

Perfect for People, Perfect for Pets

CBD peanut butter may not get as much attention as other CBD edibles, but it's definitely made waves in at least one area: CBD for pets!

A few brands, including Paw CBD, have put out pet-focused CBD peanut butter jars. And while these are, I suppose, also okay for people, it's interesting that you don't see CBD peanut butter being marketed more often to human CBD users.

But no matter how many legs they've got, CBD users of every stripe can benefit from this healthy, enjoyable, delectably creamy treat! Whether human, feline, or canine, we could all benefit from a bit of a CBD boost — and the peanut butter twist only makes the experience all the better.

Can You Add CBD To Traditional Peanut Butter?

Since CBD peanut butter isn't often available, users are left to get a bit creative. And good news for the DIY spirit in all of us: making CBD peanut butter is as easy as can be!

Sure, you could always make CBD peanut butter from scratch, using raw peanuts and a CBD oil tincture or CBD coconut oil. And, in fact, that's a much easier project than you might imagine!

But for those looking for a smoother, easier CBD peanut butter experience, worry not: infusing traditional peanut butter with a dose of CBD is quick and easy — and will provide for a consistent, delicious CBD experience with every delectable spoon full!

Recipe coming up below!

What Sort of CBD to Use in CBD Peanut Butter

If you're going to make your own CBD peanut butter, there are a couple of considerations to make before getting started.

First: what type of CBD extract?

  • Full spectrum CBD contains not only CBD but also all of hemp's other cannabinoids. It's a great option for those looking to experience all that hemp has to offer.
  • Broad spectrum CBD has everything that full spectrum does, except that all traces of THC (the cannabinoid responsible for the "weed high") have been removed. Good for those who are sensitive to THC or who are especially worried about a drug test.
  • CBD isolate contains nothing but CBD. Many users find that CBD isolate is a little less effective for some therapeutic uses, while others find that it's the best and most enjoyable for their needs. Your mileage may vary.

Second: what type of CBD product? There are a few good options I'd recommend:

  • CBD isolate powder: simple and straightforward. This will have the least effect on the taste or consistency of the peanut butter you use. If you want to keep your CBD peanut butter as close to the original, non-CBD butter you use, then this is the option for you.
  • CBD oil tinctures: versatile and effective. You can easily find your choice of full spectrum, broad spectrum, or isolate tinctures, so this may be best if you want to mix it up with your choice of CBD extract. There are also many different flavors (including unflavored), so you can add a pleasant taste twist if you so choose.
  • CBD honey sticks: flavorful, rich, and a great complement to peanut butter. Highly recommended if you want to sweeten the experience a bit; after all, peanut butter and honey go together like… well, I suppose the saying is "like peanut butter and jelly"!

CBD Peanut Butter Recipe

Making your own CBD-infused peanut butter is quick and easy — and it allows you to make a delicious, nutritious treat with exactly the CBD dosage right for your needs. Here's a simple recipe for the perfect DIY CBD peanut butter.

What You'll Need

  • CBD isolate powder, CBD oil, or CBD honey sticks
  • A jar of peanut butter
  • A medium pot
  • Olive oil

Cooking Instructions

  1. Spread a thin layer of olive oil at the bottom of your pot.
  2. Place as much of the peanut butter as you care to make into the pot.
  3. Stir the desired amount of CBD product into the peanut butter.
  4. Heat the mix over a medium-low heat for ~10minutes, stirring regularly.
  5. Remove from heat, and stir again to prevent burning or sticking to bottom of the pot.
  6. Allow to cool for 15 minutes, then transfer CBD peanut butter into a storage container.
  7. Enjoy your homemade CBD peanut butter as you would any traditional peanut butter.
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