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The Difference Between Terpenes and CBD Oil

Terpenes and CBD oil are very closely related, but there are some important differences. When it comes to terpenes vs CBD oil, both are compounds of the hemp plant. However, CBD is a cannabinoid and terpenes are found in the essential oils of the plant. Discover more key differences between the two below so you […]

What Are Terpenes Used For?

Terpenes are the sticky, crystal trichomes in the hemp plant that give various plants their unique aromas. But, what are terpenes used for? There are many different uses for terpene uses beyond just providing a plant its scent. Once you understand the unique differences among strains, you can select CBD products that help you meet […]

How to Use Cannabis-Derived Terpenes

The hemp plant is loaded with various components, including cannabis-derived terpenes. Terpenes are the molecules that give different cannabis strains their unique aromas, as well as their varying effects. Learning how to use terpenes as you choose CBD products can help you focus on your desired wellness goals. Understanding Terpenes Terpenes aren’t just found in […]

5 Tips For Helping Anxious Dogs With Pet Relief CBD Oil

Does CBD oil help dogs with anxiety? Current scientific research points to “yes.” There are quite a few pet relief CBD oil products on the market these days, and many pet owners swear by them. CBD is a safe, legal compound derived from the cannabis plant. If you’re looking for a new anxiety treatment for […]

How to Take CBD Hemp Oil: Ways to Take CBD

Cannabidiol (better known as CBD) has quickly become a popular way for people to feel the effects and benefits of hemp without the high. Are you looking to learn how to take CBD hemp oil? Here are a few options from the experts at CBD Choice. Ways to Consume CBD Directly as an Oil Use […]

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