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Low Dose CBD Benefits

The Benefits of Low Dose CBD

Finding the right CBD dose is key, but bigger isn’t always better. Is a low dose of CBD the right choice for you? With high-strength CBD products advertising CBD dosages in the thousands of milligrams, it’s easy to mistakenly assume that higher doses mean better results. But for some conditions, lifestyles, and (most of all) […]

An athlete using CBD to recover after a workout

Top Athletes Using CBD — And Why

With all that it has to offer, it’s no surprise that CBD is making a splash in the professional sports world. More and more athletes who use CBD are advocating for its use in virtually all sports, and it may just revolutionize sports medicine. And with all this support, pro sports leagues are finally easing […]

Someone reaching into some cannabis plants.

Which Cannabinoids Are Right For You?

There are a variety of cannabinoids out there. From CBD to THC to Delta-8, it may be difficult to choose the perfect cannabinoid products for you. That’s where we come in! As experts on all things cannabis, we’ll guide you to the perfect cannabinoids for your health regimens. Each cannabinoid has unique characteristics, effects, and […]

Some bars of CBD soap stacked on top of one another. There's also a hemp leaf to the side and some random sage or lavender thrown around for some reason.

The Top 10 Benefits of CBD Soap

What is CBD Soap? Exactly what it sounds like! One of many cosmetic products commonly infused with CBD oil, CBD soap is enriched with hemp extract providing users with a variety of anti-inflammatory benefits. Plus, you can access the beauty of CBD during your daily shower or while washing your hands. But there’s so much […]

Joy Organics

Joy Organics CBD Review: Worth It or Not?

Joy Organics. They may be newcomers to the CBD world, but they’re certainly making a splash and earning an ever-growing legion of devoted users. But what makes them special, and what has earned Joy Organics their sterling reputation and success? In this article, we dive deep into all things Joy Organics: the good, the bad, […]

Some CBD products laid out on a table with a vine or something.

The Difference Between CBD Isolate and Full-Spectrum CBD

For newcomers and experts of the CBD industry alike, one thing is for certain: there is A LOT of terminology. What is full-spectrum CBD? What are CBD isolates? Today, we’ll learn more about these two common types of CBD. In the end, we hope that you’ll have the knowledge necessary to decide which one of […]

Cannabinoids in Food

Cannabinoids Without Cannabis: Stimulating the Endocannabinoid System With Food

The cannabis community is abuzz with all the health (and enjoyment) benefits that cannabis compounds offer. But did you know that cannabis isn’t the only way to stimulate your endocannabinoid system? That’s right: there are cannabinoids in foods we enjoy every day. From plant cannabinoids like cannabigerol (CBG) to endocannabinoids like anandamide, there is a […]

What is CBG

What is CBG? The Mother Cannabinoid

All About the Mother Cannabinoid What is CBG? How is it related to hemp’s other cannabinoids? And what benefits does CBG offer users? With the explosion of cannabinoids’ popularity, it’s easy to get lost in the weeds. In this article, we go in-depth on all things cannabigerol (CBG) to help you disambiguate the “mother” cannabinoid […]

A tincture of synthetic cannabinoids poured on a table

Synthetic Cannabinoids: What are They?

You can probably guess the origins of synthetic cannabinoids. But to clarify: they are cannabinoids created synthetically in a lab, as opposed to cannabinoids derived from natural, organic cannabis. One of the most notorious synthetic cannabinoid products is “K2,” otherwise known as “Spice.” You might also see these synthetics referred to as designer drugs, fake […]

Delta 8 FAQs

Will Delta-8 THC Get You High? A Delta-8 FAQ

The Intoxicating Effects of Delta-8 and Other FAQ’s Will Delta-8 THC get you high? That’s the million-dollar question that any potential Delta-8 user needs to ask. In short: yes, Delta-8 THC can cause intoxication — but the issue is more complicated than you might think and definitely benefits from some elaboration. Luckily, this article is […]

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