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CBD Candles

All About CBD Candles: FAQs and DIYs

The CBD world is no stranger to innovation. From exciting new products unlike anything else to imaginative spins on timeless classics, CBD connoisseurs are doing it all. Now, one recent innovation is taking the spotlight: CBD candles. What makes CBD candles special? What benefits do they offer? And can you make them yourself? In this […]

CBD Cocktail Recipes

Drinks With CBD: The Best CBD Cocktail Recipes

Drinks with CBD — CBD Cocktails The work day’s over, and relaxation time is right around the corner. What better way to celebrate than with some delicious CBD cocktails? That’s right! This article is all about putting a little bit of extra happy into your Happy Hour with a delightful dose of some of our […]

CBD Lip Balm Recipe

How to Make CBD Lip Balm

DIY CBD Lip Balm Recipes Lips feeling dry? Looking for a bit of moisturizing relief with CBD’s powerful anti-inflammatory boost? Well, this CBD lip balm recipe is the perfect option for you. Of course, several manufacturers offer pre-made CBD lip balms that will moisturize your lips and fight inflammation and chapped lips! If you’re looking […]

Which states prohibit selling CBD food?

Which States Prohibit Selling CBD Food?

If you’re familiar with the CBD industry, you probably know that CBD food is a hot commodity. But what do we mean by “CBD-infused foods”? Simple: edible goods that have been infused with pure CBD oil. By eating these products, you’re able to receive both a delicious treat and your daily dose of CBD! At […]

How to Grow Hemp

How to Grow Hemp: DIY CBD?

Hemp is one of the most versatile plants on the planet. Yes, it’s manufactured into CBD oil, but it can do a lot more! Believe it or not, hemp production has an estimated 25,000 uses. In the United States alone, hemp is typically used to create: Food (consider: Hemp Seed Bars from Trader Joe’s!) Biofuel […]

How to use CBD crystals

How to Use CBD Crystals

These are not your grandmother’s amethysts. CBD crystals – also known as CBD concentrates, CBD isolates, or crystalline CBD – contain 99.9% CBD oil. For CBD enthusiasts, that means one of the most potent treatment options on the market. How is this possible? For starters, CBD concentrates derive from a different extraction method than other […]

Fall's BFF CBD Coffee

Fall’s BFF: CBD Coffee

As the weather grows cold and the Holiday Season approaches, few things warm the spirits like a good ol’ cup of joe. But here at CBD Choice, of course, we’re always looking to add a dash of healthy CBD into the mix! So today, we present our favorite recipes for holiday-themed CBD coffee! These CBD-infused […]

Is CBD candy a match made in heaven?

CBD Candy: Match Made in Heaven

If you’re familiar with cannabidiol, otherwise known as CBD, then you’re no doubt aware of CBD candy! This sugar-coated CBD craze combines the benefits of cannabinoids with delicious, mouth-watering treats. Using either full-spectrum CBD oil or CBD isolates, CBD manufacturers create the CBD edibles you know and love. CBD gummies (including the fan-favorite CBD gummy […]

Crack open a CBD beer

Cracking Open a Cold CBD Beer

There’s no doubt about it: America loves beer. For special occasions, hot summer days, or just kicking back, cracking open a frothy cold one is a time-honored American tradition. And with the booming interest in cannabidiol (CBD) infusions, it’s only natural that the entrepreneurial spirit would kick in. Yes, CBD beer is on the rise. […]

CBD Soap: Everything You Need to Know

It’s no surprise that people will put CBD in just about anything. That’s what makes this little cannabinoid so versatile! In addition, CBD topicals are some of the most popular CBD products on the market, so we wanted to cover one of the lesser-known topicals: CBD soap. The benefits of CBD soap may surprise you. […]

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