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Can CBD Make You More Productive?

Can CBD Make You More Productive?

In a time of self-isolation and quarantine due to the worldwide COVID-19 pandemic, it’s important we stay productive. Productivity keeps our bodies healthy and our minds sane, giving us motivation to fill our time.

Especially now, we are at risk of inactivity. Stuck in quarantine, it can be easy to lose your sense of liveliness and longevity, allowing you to fall into a substandard routine of lounging around the house and missing out on some quality time to develop some new skills.

Not to mention the risks to our physical health: quarantine can disrupt our regular exercise regimens, instilling a lack of motivation that limits our ability to be productive. Productivity in self-isolation isn’t just important to keep our minds occupied, it’s important for our physical and mental health and well-being.

However, productivity can be hard to find, especially while we’re stuck at home. So here are ways in which CBD products can potentially increase your productivity, allowing you to feel motivated even while stuck at home!

CBD May Reduce Anxiety & Stress, Increasing Mental Clarity

You may be wondering: how is anxiety linked to productivity? Well, an anxious mind is a distracted mind, and a distracted mind procrastinates. Reducing anxiety is an optimal way to clear your head, allowing you to focus more on the tasks at hand instead of the existential dread of the world around us.

In fact, many CBD Choice users report that anxiety reduction is one of the number one reasons they use CBD. A natural alternative to other, potentially side effect-inducing anti-anxiety antidotes, this powerful cannabinoid relaxes the body and mind into a state of tranquility, allowing for increased productivity.

In addition, anxiety disorders – notably obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD) and post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) – have been linked to significantly decreased productivity, both in the workplace and in your personal life.

Furthermore, reducing your personal anxiety has been linked to increased cognitive retention. The more information you can retain related to a particular task, the more productivity and motivation you can apply towards that task.

Reducing Stress for Increased Productivity

In the same vein as anxiety, CBD has been shown to potentially mitigate many of the effects of stress. But how is stress different from anxiety? Anxiety generally refers to an individual’s specific response to stress. Anxiety disorders often bring about a sense of nervousness and impending doom, more emotional in nature. Stress, on the other hand, is often viewed as a state of tension, brought about in response to the world around you.

In other words, stress may be the root cause of generalized anxiety for many of us.

And while we do not all experience anxiety as a response to stress, we all experience stress in one way or another. Especially given the overwhelming nature of a worldwide pandemic, stress can manifest within all of us and kill our desires to be productive while in quarantine.

In light of working-from-home practices, stress can play a large role. We can get easily stressed trying to meet work- or school-related deadlines. We can also get easily stressed due to not having access to our usual office workspaces and resources. In this way, CBD can calm the mind, potentially reducing stress and allowing you to remain productive while completing work from home.

Improving Mood for Increased Productivity

With reduced stress and reduced anxiety comes an improved mood: you may feel less worried about the world around you and the tasks in front of you, increasing your overall mood. Because of this connection, CBD may potentially increase your mood.

How is this important for productivity? Well, increased mood can lead to increased motivation for tasks you care about. If you’re feeling mentally well, and you have a task in front of you that sparks joy, you may be more motivated to stick with this particular task through to completion.

And according to research studies, CBD has a profound impact on mood. This cannabinoid possesses the ability to increase cerebral flow, meaning sedation from the normal environmental stressors that tend to occupy our anxious psyches. This can significantly increase your productivity levels, allowing for increased attention and focus, especially on creative or important tasks.

Homeostasis & Productivity

One of the main draws for CBD users has always been the compound’s tendency to push the body and mind towards homeostasis: a state of chemical and physical balance within the brain.

Homeostasis must be viewed as a normalization, so to speak. When in homeostasis, your physiological processes strive for equilibrium, or a balancing of chemical and physical properties that allow for mental clarity, stabilized mood, and physical and mental relaxation.

Because of the link between CBD and homeostasis, this cannabinoid is able to push you towards equilibrium, which in turn can increase your productivity by disallowing the interference of anxiety-inducing or physically-debilitating distractions.

The Physical Draws of CBD Linked to Increased Productivity

Perhaps the biggest and most studied link among the scientific side of the CBD industry exists between CBD and inflammation. Various studies have shown that CBD has the potential to act as an anti-inflammatory compound. This is important because inflammation can reduce productivity, making you feel physically unable to perform certain tasks or maybe even make you want to stay bed-ridden to avoid certain inflammation-related discomforts.

By reducing inflammation, CBD acts as a mediator that can allow you to perform tasks you wouldn’t otherwise have the physical health to perform. This, in turn, may increase your at-home productivity because it allows for a wider range of performable tasks.

If you were unable to fix the gutters while quarantined because your inflammation disallowed intense movement, you may now be able to get up on that ladder and occupy your mind with the task of fixing the gutters, just as an example.

Fighting Chronic Pain to Increase Productivity

In a similar light as inflammation, studies have shown a link between CBD and fighting chronic pain, especially considering CBD topical products. Maybe inflammation isn’t what’s keeping you from fixing that roof, but chronic pain is. That’s why CBD may play a potentially important role in allowing you to increase your productivity.

Chronic pain debilitates the body, making certain movements impossible without experiencing excruciating discomfort. Furthermore, chronic pain has been linked to diminished mental health, as pain can affect the mind, making you feel unmotivated to perform a wide variety of tasks that require increased physical effort.

CBD users with a history of chronic pain, by contrast, report increased physical functionality. This widens their world, so to speak, allowing for improved physical action and movement while giving them the motivation to be productive on things otherwise unachievable due to their pain-related symptoms.

Improved Sleep & Increased Productivity

Good, healthy sleep has long been studied as a productivity mechanism. Getting your 8 hours, without interruption, allows you to wake up feeling refreshed and ready for the new day ahead. In turn, healthy sleep habits allow you to feel motivated and truly awake throughout the day, increasing the amount of work you can perform.

CBD has long been used as a relaxation agent, allowing you to drift dreamily off to sleep and remain in a state of deep slumber. There are even a number of CBD products specifically designed to help you get to sleep and, perhaps more importantly, stay asleep during the night.

Join the CBD Community and Learn More Ways to Stay Productive!

CBD Choice is always here to help you improve your day-to-day lifestyle, even in self-isolation! We do what we do because our community is what keeps us moving, and as a member of that community, you are always welcome to reach out and talk to us about ways in which to improve your productivity.

Furthermore, we are always striving to teach you more about the powerful CBD compound. We have an expansive Learn Center that can teach you all the ways in which CBD may improve your overall well-being, bringing about a better and brighter future.

The state of the world is uneasy, especially in light of the events related to COVID-19. That’s why it’s more important than ever to take care of yourself. By staying productive, you’ll feel better mentally and physically, fighting off the negative factors easily brought about by quarantine and the stress of the world today!

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