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Boofing CBD: CBD Suppositories and More

Boofing CBD: CBD Suppositories and More

Can you boof CBD? It's a question that's been getting more and more attention in recent days. And while some may not even know what the question means (it means anal dosing), it's a legitimate and important inquiry for many seeking powerful, fast-acting relief.

In short: yes, you can boof CBD, but you should use a CBD product designed for that purpose. Do not improvise your own CBD boofing device, as this can cause complications based on improper administration, secondary ingredients, and more.

If you're looking for more in-depth information on the topic of boofing CBD, CBD suppositories, and all things CBD + bums, then this is the article for you.

What Does it Mean to "Boof" CBD?

In short, boofing is the act of rectally administering a substance that is meant to have a physiological effect, including alcohol, drugs, or other such substances.

More specifically, the term "boof" is a colloquialism usually reserved for the rectal use of substances that are not intended for anal administration. For instance, you will generally not hear the term used to refer to prescription suppositories. It is more common in communities discussing illicit drug use.

Broadly speaking, then, to "boof" CBD is to use a CBD product in your bum. And, believe it or not, there is an argument to be made for rectal CBD use!

Why Boof?

The way you take CBD matters. Different ingestion methods affect how quickly you'll feel your dose, how much of that dose your body will be able to absorb, and how long you'll feel it.

Simply put, your rectal cavity is very highly absorptive. Administering a substance rectally can generally lead to a much faster onset time and heightened relief when compared to other dosing methods.

The supposed advantages of boofing CBD boil down to:

  • Very fast onset of CBD's effects
  • More powerful relief from a similar dose
  • High density of endocannabinoid receptors in the rectal cavity
  • Targeted relief for inflammatory GI issues

And you've got to admit, those all sound pretty good. So the question is: can you actually boof CBD?

Can You Boof CBD?

Yes, rectally administering CBD is a fast-acting and highly effective means of getting your CBD dose. When administered anally, CBD will be absorbed into your bloodstream more quickly and efficiently than the vast majority of other traditional ingestion methods.

But let's be very, very clear: if you're going to boof CBD, use a product that is professionally designed for that purpose.

Several CBD brands offer specially-designed CBD suppositories that are ergonomically suited for rectal use. By employing a professionally-made CBD suppository, rather than boofing with a homemade approximation, you're setting yourself up for the most pleasant and complication-free "boofing" experience possible.

Why You Shouldn't Improvise a CBD Boof

As mentioned above, the term "boofing" is far more common in forums discussing illicit drug use than it is when discussing prescription or over-the-counter suppositories.

Such products do not tend to have professionally-made suppositories on offer, so boofing tends to be associated with DIY suppositories, often involving the use of tampons soaked in a liquid infused with the drug in question.

Do not boof CBD using such an improvised device. Improvised suppositories expose you to risk of infection and injury. Additionally, they make it extremely difficult to properly measure your dose (thereby defeating the whole purpose of boofing CBD in the first place).

In short, improvised CBD boofs:

  • Can put you at risk of infection. Your body is a delicate system, and introducing foreign objects is risky. Whatever device is used to boof would need to be absolutely sterile in order to avoid disrupting the body's microbiome. Anything short of medical-grade sanitation could introduce harmful bacteria that could lead to dangerous and even life-threatening infections.
  • Can cause pain, irritation, and injury. The skin around your anus is incredibly sensitive and very easily torn. An improvised suppository is far more likely to cause tearing and irritation — which further increases the risk of infection.
  • Make it next to impossible to dose properly. However the suppository is improvised, it's extremely unlikely that you'll get the dosage you want. This defeats the primary purpose of a CBD boof.

If you're interested in boofing CBD, the tiny bit of money that you might save by improvising a device simply isn't worth the risks. Save yourself the literal and metaphorical pain in the butt: just use a professionally-produced CBD suppository.

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