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30 Uses For Hemp You Probably Didn’t Know About

30 Uses For Hemp You Probably Didn’t Know About

Hemp might be one of the most versatile plants on the planet with over 25,000 reported uses. Some estimates put that number even higher, at close to 50,000 uses from a single plant! Whether we’re talking medicines, supplements, building materials, fiber, or food, hemp can do it all. So here are 30 of our favorite uses for hemp you probably didn’t know about!


#1: Hemp Seed Butter

Creamy, delicate, delicious: hemp seed butter can act as both a culinary and topical skincare additive. Plus, you can easily make it at home, and we’ve even seen some recipes for chocolate hemp seed butter floating around the internet!

Hemp butter Hemp granola


#2: Hemp Nut Granola

Hemp has a distinct, earthy taste that compliments many meals. However, the hemp nuts from the plant can be dried and turned into foods of their very own, including hemp nut granola! This delicious, crunchy delight will have you loving every hemp-derived bite.

#3: Hemp Protein Powder

You probably know that the hemp plant contains a variety of wonderful constituents that are good for you and your body. But did you know that hemp is actually an excellent source of protein? This protein is even available in a protein powder. Get swoll, the cannabis way.

Hemp Protein Powder Hemp flour


#4: Hemp Flour

Oh the possibilities, because hemp flour is a very real thing. It can do just about anything that other flours can do, allowing you to use the natural and eco-friendly ingredients derived from hemp to craft a variety of delicious pastas, cakes, or whatever else you prefer!

#5: Hemp Bread

Hemp bread is thick, earthy, and aromatic. It acts as a perfect addition to any five-star meal, allowing you the opportunity to indulge in a delicious dark bread. Plus, it’s simple to create and can be done right at home!

Hemp bread Hemp milk

#6: Hemp Milk

You’ve heard of almond milk, but hemp seed milk? That’s right, because hemp stands as yet another dairy alternative, allowing for the creation of things like hemp milk and hemp cheese. And these ingredients are 100% vegan!

#7: Hemp Beer

Believe it or not, the hemp plant can even create its own beer. Hemp seed cakes are fermented and distilled into a delicious, frothy, and naturally hemp-flavored alcoholic beverage. We can’t wait to get our hands on some!

Hemp beer Hemp oil vitamins



#8: Hemp Vitamins

The hemp plant is widely renown for its therapeutic medicinal properties, which is why various parts of the plants can contribute to making your daily vitamins. In fact, many CBD oil supplements come in capsule form so they can stand in for your daily vitamin intake!



#9: Hemp Seed Cooking Oil

Not to be confused with CBD oil, the hemp plant can be processed into a different kind of oil: the kind you put right in the pan. Hemp seed cooking oil is more viscous than CBD oil and possesses a high burning point, similar to olive oil.

Hemp cooking oil Hemp apparel and hemp clothing

#10: Hemp Apparel

People have been making clothes out of hemp textiles since the dawn of apparel. However, with the Industrial Revolution came a reliance on linen, made from flax, so hemp apparel is more of an intrigue than a necessity. Still cool, though!



#11: Hemp Denim

Hemp t-shirts and coats make sense, but hemp denim. Now that’s crazy! And believe it or not, brands are turning towards hemp fiber to craft new types of denim jeans because hemp plants are sustainable and eco-friendly for clothes manufacturing!

Hemp denim Hemp shoes

#12: Hemp Shoes

Walk in style with a hemp-derived shoe. Why? Because suede was so last year, and leather should’ve stayed in the 90s. Plus, hemp shoes are eco-friendly and will last you a good long while, as they are made from hemp textiles, famous for their durability.


#13: Hemp Handbags

To complete your hemp-derived outfit, you can now even accessorize with hemp products. Hemp handbags, notable for their durability and lightweight designs, can add any eco-friendly pop to your getup, guaranteed.

Hemp handbag Hemp canvas



#14: Hemp Canvas

Fun fact: the word “canvas” actually derives from the word “cannabis” because, in the late 1500s, early pioneers needed a word to differentiate the great new hemp sails from the old, rotting flax sails that predated them.

#15: Hemp Cardboard

Weird flex, but hemp can even be used to make cardboard. Want to spice up your moving day or maybe just want to delight in knowing that no trees were harmed in the creation of your boxes? Hemp cardboard might be right for you!

Hemp cardboard Hemp carpeting


#16: Hemp Carpeting

Hemp can be used to create notoriously good insulation, and hemp fibers have the ability to weave notoriously fine fabrics. These two characteristics combine in wonderful matrimony to create hemp carpeting, reportedly a very comfy alternative to other flooring options.

#17: Hemp Fiberglass Substitute

You heard that right: hemp can even be processed into an alternative to fiberglass! This shiny coating can be used to protect the outsides of cars, boats, vehicles – you name it!

Hemp fiberglass substitute Hemp automotive brake lining

#18: Hemp Automotive Brake Lining

Yet another automotive spectacle, hemp derivatives have been known to act as very strong fillers when necessary and are even used as automotive brake linings. Maybe one day we’ll have the technology to build a car entirely out of hemp.



#19: Hemp Bioplastic

Plastics pollute our oceans, fill our streets with litter, and kill our turtles. Do you know what doesn’t do any of those things? Hemp! Hemp bioplastics are created using hemp biomass and are 100% biodegradable. Bring this up the next time someone argues that we don’t yet have the technology to phase out plastics.

Hemp bioplastic Hempcrete

#20: Hempcrete

I find hempcrete – an alternative to traditional concrete – fascinating: it’s made from hemp biomass, similar to hemp bioplastics, but it actually sequesters more carbon from the environment than it takes to create. That means that hempcrete is carbon-negative!


#21: Hemp Stucco

Yet another hemp coating, hemp stucco can be used to insulate houses and make our infrastructure more eco-friendly. It can also come in a variety of colors, much like the next entry in our list...

Hemp stucco Hemp paint

#22: Hemp Paint

Hemp paint is commonly found in acrylic forms, and it can be used in many ways similar to wood finishes or chalk paints. Let that natural artistic talent flow like never before, with the most natural of materials!

#23: Hemp Printing Ink

As if paint wasn’t enough, it’s now even possible to print using hemp-derived inks. Hemp oil, when taken from various parts of the hemp plant, can be broken down and mixed with a variety of other ingredients to create unique products. Hemp printing ink is one of them!

Hemp printing ink Hemp newsprint

#24: Hemp Newsprint

What’s ink without newsprint, huh? And hemp newsprint was actually invented in the early 1900s, but the invention was suppressed by powerful American businessmen who were heavily invested in timber. Sadly, hemp newsprint is merely a novelty today.

#25: Hemp Biofuel

As early as the 1930s, Henry Ford imagined a car powered entirely by hemp biofuels. That’s because the hemp plant, when broken down, possesses the ability to create a vast amount of energy. Renewable fuel sources are the future, and we just hope hemp has its name in the hat.

Hemp biofuel Hemp animal bedding

#26: Hemp Animal Bedding

You can even get hemp products for your pets, believe it or not. Animal bedding made from hemp is perfect for your little furry friends, offering a comfortable alternative to sometimes environmentally-degrading bedding production methods.


#27: Hemp Pet Treats

Pets can eat hemp, too! In fact, we at CBD Choice sell a variety of CBD-infused pet treats for both dogs and cats, allowing your beloved animals to enjoy all of the wonderful benefits of the hemp plant!

hemp pet treats hemp lotion

#28: Hemp Lotion

Hemp lotions, as well as other hemp-derived topicals, contain a variety of cannabinoids, the most notable of which is CBD. However, depending on how these lotions were made, they also contain a variety of other cannabinoids, terpenes, amino acids, and essential fatty acids– things that are known to benefit your skin!


#29: Hemp Cosmetics

The cosmetics industry has been needing something like hemp, a plant whose extracts are known for their anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties. That’s why we offer a variety of CBD cosmetics right here at CBD Choice, a personal staff favorite at the office!

hemp cosmetics CBD oil tinctures clumped together


#30: CBD Oil

And of course, the product we all know and love but had to include on this list anyways: CBD oil! These phytocannabinoid-rich oils better our lives in so many ways, capping a long list of miraculous products – both practical and downright strange – brought to us by the beloved hemp plant.

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