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Women, Wellness and Cannabis Buying Trends

Women, Wellness and Cannabis Buying Trends Cannabis is now mainstream with most of the U.S. legalizing usage and the majority of Americans supporting the end of federal prohibition. Consumers can purchase high-quality cannabis products almost anywhere and no more hiding in the shadows. As the market grows it is starting to include more and more […]

How CBD Products Can Help the Environment

When you choose CBD, you’re not just promoting your health and wellness, you’re also supporting the environmental benefits of hemp. Unlike some other crops, hemp and the environment share a beneficial relationship that helps improve and revitalize the soil, protect natural resources, and provides a sustainable cash crop that has a variety of potential uses. […]

Organic vs. Natural CBD: What’s the Difference?

You may have heard the term “Natural CBD Oil” and wondered whether or not it’s organic. The truth is the term “organic hemp” often doesn’t mean what consumers think it does, and the difference can lead to some confusion when choosing the best CBD products for your body’s needs. While it seems simple enough on […]

How Pets Absorb CBD Differently Than Humans

As more and more people choose CBD not only for themselves but for their pets, it’s important to understand how pets absorb CBD. Understanding the delivery methods available, how your pets absorb those delivery methods, and what works best is important to making sure you’re giving them the full benefits CBD offers. Our companions deserve […]

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