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Becoming a CBD Affiliate

Becoming a CBD Affiliate

The CBD industry is booming, with CBD brands of all stripes reporting record profits and sales. But did you know that you can get in on the CBD market and earn a slice of that profit, all with ZERO startup cost? It’s all about becoming a CBD affiliate.

In this article, we’ll cover everything you need to know about CBD affiliate programs. From the benefits to the vetting process and more, this crash course will help you determine whether joining the CBD Choice affiliate network is the right way for you to get your piece of the CBD pie!

So without further ado, let’s learn all about CBD affiliate programs!

How Do CBD Affiliate Programs Work?

What is an affiliate program? Simply put: affiliate programs allow you to share profits with a website, such as CBD Choice, in exchange for helping to direct customers to them. It’s like a “refer a friend” program but with unlimited earning potential.

For every customer you send the company’s way, you get a piece of the sales they make! Simple, right? Here’s how it works:

  1. You sign up to become a CBD affiliate with CBD Choice.
  2. Once you’re accepted into the CBD affiliate program, you get a unique link to CBD Choice. That link has a signature that identifies it as yours.
  3. You post your unique link in places that you think will get people’s interest. Social media posts, forums, your website or blog; wherever you think will get views and clicks!
  4. Whenever someone uses your link and makes a purchase, you’ll receive 25% of the final sale price! Payments are deposited every other Friday, giving you a regular, easy source of passive income.
  5. Even better: you’ll continue making profits off your referrals for a full 60 days! Any purchase they make in that time will earn you a commission, even if they didn’t follow your link again.

It’s that easy! As long as your affiliate link is getting clicks, you’ll keep getting passive income and earn your piece of the booming CBD market.

CBD Choice the Best Choice of CBD Affiliate Programs

There are a number of companies offering CBD affiliate programs, but none come close to the package you get when you partner with CBD Choice.

CBD Choice is the best choice of CBD affiliate programs because we offer:

  • The Most Generous Affiliate Commissions You can make 25% of all purchases made by your referrals. That’s one of the highest you’ll find anywhere, at almost double what many other CBD affiliate programs offer!
  • Unbeatable Selection at Unbeatable Prices Unlike most CBD affiliate sites, we offer all of the industry’s leading brands and products at the most competitive prices found anywhere. That means your referrals can go further, with more sales, more satisfied customers, and more affiliate commissions in your pocket.
  • The Most Generous Affiliate Cookies When users click your affiliate link, you’ll earn profits for a full 60 days. That’s more than DOUBLE what most CBD affiliate programs offer, meaning more opportunities for you to profit.
  • The Best Customer Service — For You AND Your Referrals CBD Choice is committed to having the best Customer Support team in the industry. If you or your referrals have any issues or questions, they’re there to help and ensure your customers have a pleasant experience (and are more likely to come back and earn you more affiliate commissions!).

Simply put, CBD Choice is the Best Choice for CBD Online, and that’s just as true for CBD affiliate programs as it is for individual CBD users.

Tips for CBD Affiliate Success

Becoming a CBD affiliate with CBD Choice is an easy, no-cost way to break into the CBD industry — but getting started with anything new can be intimidating.

Whether you’re brand new to CBD affiliate marketing or you’re an old hand looking to brush up, here are a few tips to ensure your CBD affiliate efforts are a success:

  • Share Your Link Wherever You Can The more places you put your affiliate link, the more opportunities you’ll have to earn new referrals, sales, and profits. Get creative, and try to reach as many eyes as possible.
  • Know Your Audience and Respect Their Interests Affiliate marketing works best when you’re delivering a message that interests readers. Don’t just put up your affiliate link without context; instead, include useful information, a plug for products relevant to target readers, or a pitch for one of CBD Choice’s informative blog articles.
  • Show Your Personality The best affiliate posts will read like a conversation rather than a sales pitch. You want readers to click your link because of what you had to say, and not because they feel like they're being sold to.

For a more comprehensive list of up-to-date CBD affiliate marketing tips, check out this Affiliate Marketing Guide from Authority Hacker.

Join the CBD Choice Affiliate Program Today

If you’re looking to break into the CBD industry and get your slice of the pie, there’s no better choice than CBD Choice.

Our CBD affiliate program offers the most competitive package, the best CBD affiliate rewards, and the best customer experience you’ll find anywhere. All of that combined means more conversions from your affiliate link clicks, more return customers, and more CBD affiliate commissions in your pocket.

Ready to take the next step towards sustainable, passive income with the CBD industry? Visit the CBD Choice Affiliate Page to get started today.

We look forward to partnering with you soon!

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