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Bio: Mr. Huewe moved to Los Angeles on a quest for journalistic expertise, eventually leading him on a path towards CBD and cannabinoid research. He is fascinated by the history of cannabis, especially hemp and it’s indoctrination — over time — into the blacklisted realm of obscurity, despite its potential for sustainability, medicinal pursuits, and commodifiable goods. Mr. Huewe believes in the efficacy of CBD, hoping to use his specialties in media, content creation, publishing, and SEO to further the acceptance of this miraculous compound.

Posts by Kyle Huewe:

Which States Could Legalize Cannabis in 2020?

Posted on: 20 Feb 2020

Table of Contents Click to jump to your state: Alabama Alaska Arizona Arkansas California Colorado Connecticut Delaware District of Columbia (D.C.) Florida Georgia Hawaii Idaho Illinois Indiana Iowa Kansas Kentucky Louisiana Maine Maryland Massachusetts Michigan Minnesota Mississippi Missouri Montana Nebraska Nevada New Hampshire New Jersey New Mexico New York North Carolina North Dakota Ohio Oklahoma […]

30 Uses For Hemp You Probably Didn’t Know About

Posted on: 12 Feb 2020

Hemp might be one of the most versatile plants on the planet with over 25,000 reported uses. Some estimates put that number even higher, at close to 50,000 uses from a single plant! Whether we’re talking medicines, supplements, building materials, fiber, or food, hemp can do it all. So here are 30 of our favorite […]

17 of the Best CBD Tweets

Posted on: 04 Feb 2020

As we all know, CBD is new to mainstream culture. As such, it remains something of an obscure product for those who do not yet understand it. However, no one is better at pointing out obscurity than those on social media. This is why we’re here to bring you 17 of the most hilarious CBD-related […]

Combat Super Bowl Stress this Sunday

Posted on: 30 Jan 2020

The Super Bowl comes but once a year, and as the week trudges on, the vigor of excitement crawls near. However, atop the rave of cheering and jeering, chugging and snuggling, the Super Bowl can also bring about a multitude of stresses. How? Well, this writer is a Seahawks fan, so he knows a thing […]

A CBD Choice Christmas Shopping Guide

Posted on: 16 Dec 2019

Shopping for Christmas gifts can be stressful, albeit rewarding. Luckily, CBD Choice is here to ease some of your Christmas shopping anxiety! We carry a versatile inventory of CBD-infused goods, each waiting for their turn to impress your loved ones this holiday season. Plus, all items ship same-day, meaning you can make sure your gifts […]

Everything You Need to Know About Sleep Deprivation

Posted on: 12 Dec 2019

Sleep deprivation is defined as a condition wherein individuals get less sleep than what is necessary to feel awake, alert, and focused during the day. Almost everyone has had a bad night’s sleep at some point in their lives, but 1 in 3 Americans reportedly do not get enough sleep on a regular basis. This […]

CBDelicious Thanksgiving Recipes

Posted on: 26 Nov 2019

Yearning to amplify your traditional Thanksgiving dinner? Good news! Because here at CBD Choice, we have just the thing to benefit both your cooking and your guests. Adding CBD to your recipes can offer increased wellness and well-being to everyone around the family dinner table this Thanksgiving. Here are some of our favorite recipes and […]

Could CBD Help Solve the Vape Crisis?

Posted on: 19 Nov 2019

We, as a society, are experiencing our first “vaping crisis.” However, there are misconceptions permeating both mainstream media and our understanding of what a “vaping crisis” actually means, plus how it came to be. Some will say that shady e-cigarette manufacturers are to blame for the rampant spread of a mysterious lung illness associated with […]

The Emergence of CBD Cosmetics

Posted on: 07 Nov 2019

A cosmetic is defined as any product that is applied to the body, especially the face, with the intent to improve appearance. With this in mind, it’s no surprise that cannabidiol, better known as CBD, has found its way into the cosmetics industry. CBD is already a mainstay supplement in a variety of topical products, […]

Why Our Parents Use CBD

Posted on: 29 Oct 2019

Our parents are flocking to CBD in droves. It makes sense, though. Cannabidiol, better known as CBD, is advertised around the world as a new-age pain therapy treatment, touting aid for a wide variety of ailments. Who could better profit from such a supplement than our aging parents? This is not to say that I’m […]

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