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A traveler holding up a cannabis leaf for all the countries with legal cannabis

Countries With Legal Cannabis: An International Overview

There is increased interest in decriminalizing cannabis in the United States and beyond. In fact, the recreational use of cannabis—both CBD and THC products—is on the rise. However, we often forget about the countries already leading the charge. In the U.S., we often think we rank well among countries with legal cannabis, but that’s not […]

Scientist pours CBD oil to test for antimicrobial effects

The Antimicrobial Potential of CBD

Cannabidiol (CBD) is a cannabinoid, a natural compound derived from the cannabis plant. These cannabinoids—a designation that includes CBD, THC, CBG, CBN and others—possess a variety of unique healing properties. For example, users take CBD oil to treat chronic pain, inflammation, and more. But scientists recently posed another health question: Does CBD have antimicrobial properties? […]

A cannabis leaf beneath an NFL football on a turf football field.

The NFL and Cannabis

On September 9th, the National Football League’s regular season will commence, bringing about months of primetime television. But this season is unlike any other and we’re not talking about the 17 game season. The League’s new cannabis rules—negotiated under a collective bargaining agreement (CBA) back in 2020—went into action during training camp, starting in late […]

The Relationship Between Cannabis and Music

The Relationship Between Cannabis and Music

The biggest killer on the planet is stress, and I still think the best medicine is and always has been cannabis – Willie Nelson When we talk about the relationship between cannabis and music, we often think of joint-claden musicians getting—sigh—groovy. However, research suggests a broader spectrum of musical experience when playing under the influence […]

A person gardening ancient cannabis.

The Discovery of Ancient Cannabis Roots

The history of cannabis is long and complex. In fact, it can be difficult for scientists to study the plant given the multitude of laws banning or limiting cannabis worldwide. But the once anti-cannabis mentality is changing on a grand, multinational scale. As such, new research into the origins of cannabis plants is changing how […]

A view of DTLA with some palm trees and smog

What if L.A. County Ditches Its Cannabis Ban?

Unincorporated areas comprise roughly 65 percent of Los Angeles County in sun-stricken Southern California. And while the term “unincorporated area” does not have a concrete definition, you can define Unincorporated L.A. County by its: Population of over one million people. Geographic area of about 2,654 square miles. Approximately 120-125 individual areas (think of them like […]

A judge's gavel next to cannabis leaves, signifying legislation surrounding the federal legalization of weed.

Will Amazon Lobby for the Federal Legalization of Cannabis?

Legalizing cannabis and decriminalizing marijuana once and for all have become prominent political debates. After the 2020 election cycle, five U.S. states passed cannabis initiatives. More states are introducing cannabis-related agendas every year, and as consumers, we can guess where this trend is heading: the total federal legalization of weed. Remember the Controlled Substances Act, […]

A woman carrying a duffel bag full of CBD patches

A Guide to the Best CBD Patches

One of the most misunderstood CBD products, CBD patches – also known as CBD transdermal patches – offer a unique cannabinoid delivery method. The idea is simple: manufacturers outfit a transdermal patch with your favorite CBD oils. Once you’ve applied the patch to your skin, it works just like other CBD topicals! As a result, […]

A variety of white label and private label CBD products.

White Label vs. Private Label – The Difference in Product Quality

The difference between white label products and private label products might seem miniscule. So miniscule, in fact, that these terms can often get confused for one another. However, it is important to understand white label vs. private label goods. CBD manufacturers sell both, sometimes without you even knowing about it. But first, what do “white […]

A tincture of Medterra Immune Boost Drops because we like them okay.

Medterra: What to Know Before You Buy

Medterra CBD was built on a foundation of care. This company cares about the CBD industry, taking every step necessary to ensure high-quality CBD products. But more importantly, this company cares about its customers, delivering products that exceed our expectations. Based in Orange County, California, and founded in 2017, Medterra offers a wide variety of […]

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