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5 Little Known Facts About CBD

5 Little Known Facts About CBD

As more people decide that CBD is right for their body’s needs, facts about CBD are becoming more apparent to the general public. While a lot of attention is paid to the properties of CBD that are most often cited by its users who find it helps them promote their overall health and wellness, there are still important pieces of information that slip through the cracks. While in most cases these may not affect someone’s effective use of CBD, in other cases, not knowing this information may prevent a user from fully understanding or using CBD to its maximum benefit.

Independent research is key when using CBD, as FDA regulations often prohibit manufacturers or distributors from offering specific health-related facts about CBD products. While this is due to rules that are meant to protect the public, it can also hamper the dissemination of complete information based on the science that helps manufacturers create superior products. The general information given here on CBD’s properties is enough to help consumers begin their own research, but independent research can often end up missing some facts that give potential users a full picture of CBD. Here are 5 facts about CBD that you may have missed.

Our Favorite Facts About CBD:

  • The Effectiveness Of CBD Is Not Dependent On Its Source - CBD is found in all cannabis plants in varying concentrations with the same CBD properties. Industrial hemp is the source used for your federally-legal CBD products, as it yields a high CBD concentration with a THC concentration of 0.3% or less by dry weight. This lets manufacturers deliver potent CBD products that won’t get you high. In states where other, high-THC cannabis products are legalized, the myth persists that hemp CBD is less effective than marijuana CBD. This is untrue. CBD has a set chemical structure, and it is this structure that allows it to work with your body to create certain reactions. This myth continues because users who have grown accustomed to marijuana’s psychoactive effects will not get those psychoactive effects from hemp-derived CBD, and they equate this difference in experience as being less potent. The facts about CBD in this instance are that the hemp-derived version of CBD is performing exactly as it should -- there are just no psychoactive properties with CBD.
  • CBD Is One Of Over 100 Active Compounds In Cannabis - While it gets the lion’s share of the attention, CBD is not alone in helping you feel better. The truth is that cannabis is brimming with cannabinoids and terpenes that work with your body and bring about the properties of CBD we’re most familiar with. With full-spectrum or whole-plant CBD products, you’re getting the benefit of something called the “entourage effect”.The entourage effect refers to the fact that while you may be using a CBD product to get high-quality CBD to support your endocannabinoid system, it’s bringing a whole slew of friends in with it. Studies have shown some of these compounds, like myrcene and linalool, may have properties that improve your health and wellness in their own right and, when paired with each other and CBD, can have a synergistic effect.

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  • More Than Just Humans Can Benefit From CBD - Ok, this is probably a little better known or at least suspected, if only due to the prevalence of pet CBD products. That doesn’t change the fact that some people ignore the facts about CBD use for pets because they assume it is just trendy marketing aimed at gullible owners. Many of our furry friends, however, have endocannabinoid systems that are very similar to our own.The feline and canine endocannabinoid systems can both benefit from CBD’s properties. Their doses, however, should be tailored to their lower body mass and systemic needs. Rather than giving them a dose of your CBD, look for CBD products designed specifically for your animal friend. Pets absorb CBD differently than humans, so finding a product that is right for them helps ensure you’re getting not only a safer product but one that is meant for their far different taste buds.
  • CBD Dosage Can Vary By Person - Because CBD is not a drug (it’s meant to promote your health and wellness), there isn’t a standardized dosage. Rather there are dosage forms that may deliver a set amount of CBD, but it’s up to you to determine the correct overall amount for your needs. This variance can be hard for some people to grasp and leads to problems understanding the facts about CBD’s wellness potential.While your research will turn up anecdotal reports about CBD’s properties, CBD mg strength, and effectiveness at specific dosages, your results at those dosages may differ. The effectiveness of a CBD product will depend on its quality, your body’s tolerance, and how your metabolism processes hemp. Finding the right CBD plan for you means not only research but self-evaluation to discover your body’s successful regimen.
  • Making Your Own CBD Foods And Drinks To Dose Is Easy - CBD edibles are a popular way to get your daily dose. It can be fast, effective, and as simple or complicated as you want. This is in large part due to CBD oil being a purified form of hemp oil.One of the tastiest facts about CBD oil is that it can substitute for oils in most recipes that require a fat of some sort. This means it can be added to salad dressing, baked into delicious desserts, or added to your favorite coffee or tea drink. As long as you won’t be raising the dish’s temperature above 220 °F, you should not see any damage to the active compounds.

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