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420 Gift Guide, Quarantine 2020 Edition

420 Gift Guide, Quarantine 2020 Edition

It’s that time of year again: April 20th is just around the corner. 420 is a holiday about togetherness, standing with the community, and celebrating all things cannabis. Even though we’re social distancing, that’s no excuse to let the holiday pass us by. We’ve put together this 420 gift guide to help you celebrate safely in CBD style!

With the current health crisis and lockdown, this annual celebration of all things cannabis is promising to be a very different affair. Instead of gathering together with friends and loved ones, we’ll be video-chatting and calling. Rather than passing around cannabis joints, we’ll be enjoying a bit more privately.

But despite these restrictions, we could all use an excuse to celebrate, relieve a bit of anxiety, and show our loved ones that we care. Whether for yourself or your fellow cannabis connoisseurs, we hope that this list of CBD gifts will help you celebrate 420 2020 in style!

A Short History of 420

For the uninitiated, April 20th of each year has emerged as an informal celebration of all things cannabis. For decades, cannabis lovers have gathered on April 20th to celebrate, support their community, exchange 420 gifts, and collectively share in a bit of their favorite herb.

The origins of this holiday are unclear. In fact, innumerable legends surrounding the holiday have sprung up — some will tell you it was police code for marijuana use, others that it’s a reference to the number of active compounds in marijuana. Still others refer to some obscure numerology based on the works of Bob Dylan or the Grateful Dead. In reality, it likely has more humble origins, centered around a small group of passionate stoners whose informal ritual spread via word of mouth.

Although 420 is celebrated throughout the world, its popularity is perhaps greatest in US college communities. At the University of California at Santa Cruz, for instance, thousands would gather each year, packed shoulder to shoulder as they excitedly counted down the minutes until 4:20 pm each 4/20.

Great 420 Gifts for 420 2020

In a typical year, 420 is often a time of indulgence in smoking cannabis flower. Whether you prefer rolling joints or spliffs or “packing a bowl”, odds are that there’d be no shortage of fellow celebrants eager to share in the celebration. But this isn’t a typical year.

To stay safe, healthy, and prevent spreading COVID-19 to those at risk, we’ll be celebrating 420 2020 a bit differently than in previous years. For now, we won’t be flocking together in droves, passing around communal joints, or many of the other traditions that have sprung up around this celebrated cannabis holiday. But April 20th is still a great way of showing solidarity,  celebrating community, and showing your loved ones that you care.

We’ve put together this list of 420 gifts to help you celebrate safely. These 420 gifts aim to help enjoy the spirit of the season while avoiding some of the riskier behaviors that are impossible during these strange times. So sit back, smile, and take the edge off with the help of CBD Choice’s 2020 420 Gift Guide!

CBD Vapes

Consider replacing your joints and bowls with a personal CBD vaporizer. They’re easier on the lungs than traditional flower, don’t require handling plant material with your hands (remember to wash them regularly!), and are a great way of quickly and efficiently enjoying the benefits of your CBD treatment.

CBD vape juices are available in a wide variety of potency and flavors, allowing you to enjoy a custom-fit dose of quality CBD on demand.

Even better, a disposable CBD vape pen allows for all the benefits of a CBD vape, all without ever having to handle the vape product directly. They’re affordable, effective, and come pre-loaded with a concentrated dose of CBD that’s a perfect way to indulge.

Whether you choose a CBD vape juice or a disposable vape pen, it’s a great way to celebrate 420 2020 in style. Just be sure to keep your vape to yourself; despite the communal traditions of the holiday, it’s important to resist sharing your vape this 420.

Instead, consider getting a disposable pen for whomever you’ll be celebrating with — whether virtually or in-person. CBD vape pens make for perfect 420 gifts and are a great way of showing your loved ones you care.

CBD Edibles

It’s no surprise that munchies have a hallowed place of honor in most any 420 tradition. From “special” brownies to more traditional snacks, tasty vittles are a time-honored part of the holiday tradition, and 420 2020 should be no different.

CBD edibles make for delicious and delightful 420 gifts. Particularly if you or your loved ones will be indulging in a bit of traditional, munchies-inducing cannabis, CBD edibles are a delicious way of satisfying your sweet tooth, curbing your appetite, and celebrating the day.

If you’re looking for 420 gifts to send to absent loved ones, consider a delicious CBD chocolate. They’re affordable, delicious, and available in a variety of flavors to appeal to most any palate. 

For those looking for something a bit more bite-sized, CBD gummies allow for easy, delicious snacking throughout the day. In fact, many CBD gummies are tailor-made to help ease anxiety or promote good sleep. These specialized gummies are great 420 gifts and can be perfect for a bit of much-needed self care in these stressful times.

If you’re lucky enough to be celebrating with a small group of family or friends, consider treating them to a delicious, CBD-infused feast! CBD Choice has collected some of the most delicious CBD recipes around, all of them perfect for celebrating 420 2020 in style!

CBD Topicals

Although CBD lotions, creams, and beauty products may seem like an odd fit for a traditional 420 gift guide, they can play an important role in the times of self-isolation and quarantine. Whether helping us stay comfortable or giving us a much-needed boost to our self-image, these 420 gifts are a great way to give ourselves or our loved ones a bit of soothing relief.

CBD Lotions and Creams

One of the most important things we can do during this quarantine is to regularly wash our hands with soap and water. It’s a remarkably effective tool against the spread of COVID-19, but it can take a toll by drying out our skin and causing discomfort.

CBD topical lotions and creams can help to correct the damage of overly-washed hands, leading to greater comfort and happiness throughout isolation. In fact, we wrote an entire blog article on the best CBD topicals for overly-washed hands! Be sure to check it out for some great recommendations on different CBD topicals for specific needs.

Whether for him, for her, or for yourself, a hydrating CBD topical can make for an ideal 420 gift. It’s a perfect fit for these strange times, and your skin will thank you.

CBD Beauty Products

With so much time spent at home, most of us have let our self-grooming slip a bit. Aside from the occasional Zoom meeting or teleconference with co-workers, there’s been little reason to keep up with our normal beauty practices. Who are we trying to impress, anyway?

But after a month or so of self-isolation, letting one’s appearance slip can definitely take a toll on self-image, happiness, and mental health. This 420, why not treat yourself or your loved ones to a bit of image-enhancing CBD treatment? Especially if you’ll be celebrating 420 2020 with a video gathering, it never hurts to look your best!

Mary’s Nutritionals is a newcomer to CBD Choice, and their line of specialized CBD cosmetics brings truly impressive results. They combine CBD’s incredible anti-inflammatory properties with industry-leading cosmetic formulas; the result is a genuinely world-class line of CBD-infused beauty products to bring out a healthy and youthful glow.

From powerful exfoliants to rejuvenating eye creams, Mary’s has a product for virtually every beauty need. So celebrate in style, treat yourself to some well-deserved self-care, and rake in the e-compliments as you celebrate 420 2020 in style!

Stay Safe and Enjoy 420 2020 Responsibly!

No matter what your plans for April 20th this year, we at CBD Choice hope that this 420 Gift Guide helps you to enjoy the occasion safely and to share the joy with your loved ones.

Just because we can’t come together with all our friends and family this holiday doesn’t mean it can’t be a great reminder of togetherness, generosity, and the many virtues that 420 has always stood for.

Remember that we’re all in this together, and the more responsibly we celebrate, the sooner we can all get back to living ordinary, productive lives. Until then, kick back, relax, and share a bit of 420 joy with your loved ones!

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